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The Kind Love Set ❤


CBD BATH BOMB: As a couple or alone: ​​a hot bath is always possible! Place the bath bomb in the water and enjoy the soothing scent of lavender flowers. The CBD bath bomb is perfect for switching off completely. As soon as the shea butter core appears, rub it on the skin to experience intensely cared for, supple skin and usher in an unforgettable evening.

CBD OIL: Your mouth deserves special care too: Our CBD mouth spray not only contains CBD, but also other natural ingredients from hemp, such as terpenes, which smell good and can have a positive effect on your mood. We use MCT oil from coconut as the carrier oil. Kiss? Not forbidden!

CBD MASSAGE OIL: The perfect end to a romantic evening: a sensual massage. Just for you (or for two). The ginger essence promotes microcirculation in the skin; you feel a pleasant, warming and relaxing effect. At the same time, waste materials are removed from the skin. Let body and mind come to rest ...or... get really hot ;)