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Fizzy lavender bath bomb with a soothing CBD-infused shea butter core

How to use VAAY CBD Bath Bomb | Lavender

Have you reached the end of a cold or stressful day? Treat yourself! Fill up the tub with steamy warm water and pop in our bath bomb. As it fizzes away, the scent of lavender fills the room to create a calming private oasis while the bath salts dissolve into the water and help rejuvenate skin.

Once the fizzing stops, return to reality for a moment and have a look around: the shea butter core will have popped to the surface, and is waiting to be found. Now gently rub the core over your entire body, transforming it into a nourishing lather as the CBD-infused shea butter melts onto your skin. The warmth from the bath opens your pores and helps with CBD absorption, which works together with the soothing nature of lavender to make for a truly blissful bathtime experience. We recommend letting the shea butter rest on skin for at least five minutes before rinsing.

Important notes:
For external use only

Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing

Keep out of reach of children

Our quality guarantee for the VAAY CBD Bath Bomb

Available in the UK, our CBD Bath Bombs are made in Europe with natural ingredients, including real lavender flowers and essential oils. Each bomb is formed of an outer shell made of bath salts and lavender, and a core made of nourishing shea butter infused with essential oils and 100mg of CBD. Soaking in a salt bath is thought to help promote circulation and ease aches and pains, while shea butter is rich with vitamins and fatty acids that help moisturise skin. The CBD in our Bath Bomb comes from a full-spectrum hemp extract, which also contains many other cannabinoids as well as terpenes and flavonoids—valuable natural components of the hemp plant.

Our promise to you: This CBD Bath Bomb is made of 100% natural ingredients, is free of pesticide residues and, in accordance with legal requirements, contains less than 0.2% THC. It is suitable for a vegan lifestyle.