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VAAY Mood Playlists

DJ Black Loops and DJ Moritz Esyot featured by VAAY


What’s it all about?

VAAY is there to help you find your inner center. But aside from our products, one other thing is essential: your mindset. With the wrong mindset, “Can you feel it?” is a question you’ll never really be able to answer. It’s time to do something about it. CBD and music fit together perfectly, not only to your favorite CBD meditation but also here and there throughout the day.

We want to help! Together with actor Reiner Schöne and Berlin DJ’s Moritz Esyot and Blackloops, we’ve designed 45-60 minute mixtapes that fit perfectly with our CBD products and get you in the right mood––a different kind of meditation. Upbeat to start your day, downbeat when it’s time to chill and a few more mixes for concentration and focus as well as for an easier time falling asleep. 

Each of our mixes is perfectly designed as a soundtrack to using our CBD products. We call it Meditation 2.0. Check out our blog to find out more about what hemp has to do with meditation.


Meditation - your mix for winding down

Leave the outside world behind you for a moment and get into a meditative mood. Alongside our CBD products, our new meditation mix from Moritz Esyot will help you get in the mood to relax, focus and concentrate. We’re VAAY and we’re here to help you.

The perfect playlist for our diffuser aromatherapy CBD Pens. Just a couple drags on the pen according to dosage instructions, then sit back and enjoy the sounds. This also works with the CBD Oil Mouthspray!


Sleep - your mix for falling asleep

The day is behind you and you want to find inner peace before going to sleep. No problem. With our new ambient mix with Moritz Eysot, we want to get you in the perfect mindset to have a long and rejuvenating sleep. 45 minutes of gentle sounds, perfect to doze off to.

The perfect playlist for our Mouthsprays. Simply take a few drops according to dosage instructions before pressing play, then let the music do the rest. Also works with CBD Diffuser Pens and Capsules.


RELAX - your mix for chilling out

Just take a break and escape the hustle and bustle. The following mix from Moritz Eysot, featuring Reiner Schöne, lets you take a moment to come down after a stressful day. Escape everyday life for 45 minutes and simply take it all in. Also ideal for meditation.

This one’s the most fun when paired with our Diffusers (we recommend ‘Herbal’), but the Mouthsprays are also a good choice here.


FOCUS - your mix for concentration

Big tasks await you. Right now, you need focus. Find your inner balance and concentrate on what’s in front of you. A heavy workload? An exam? A tough meeting? Hear our mix in cooperation with DJ Blackloops and begin your meditation.

VAAY gets you on track. Perfectly paired with our CBD Diffuser Pen (here we recommend ‘Lemon’ for the terpenes), our Capsules or the Mouthspray. Simply take your recommended dosage according to instructions and let the music do the rest.


RECOVER - your mix for re-energising

You went to the gym and now you’re really worn out. Your body has been pushed to its limits. The following tape lets you immerse yourself in another world for 45 minutes. Breathe in and out deeply. Your body will thank you for consciously taking this break.

VAAY helps. With its specially developed sport formula, our Sports Gel is the ideal product to support your recovery phase. Apply the gel to aching and overworked muscles and let it soak in with the music. As an alternative alongside our sport gel, we also recommend our bath bomb as well as our liposomal capsules.