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You had a tough and exhausting day? Do you need some rest and well deserved sleep? But your thoughts keep spinning around in your mind when you are lying in bed? The VAAY SLEEP hemp products are your perfect match for finding your peaceful sleep and rest.

Let your body know it’s time to sleep with CBD oil

We’ve all been there. You’re in bed early for once, as you’ve got a big day tomorrow. The room isdark and silent, your bed is cosy, but your brain just isn’t cooperating.You’re not even thinking of anything in particular, but your mind is wideawake, and the clock keeps ticking away as you lose precious sleeping time....Why tonight of all nights?

We don’t have the answer for that, but we do have something that could make things a little easier. Something to help you relax and wind down that stream of alertness that keeps you up. That VAAY feeling might be just the thing to convince your mind and body that the day is over, and we’ve designed our #SLEEP hemp products for evening and night time use, to be your companion in a journey towards better rest.

If you’re sick of counting generation after generation of sheep, why not try chasing them away with a little help from VAAY?

Forming a better relationship with sleep through CBD

If you’re interested in exploring how CBD can help your relationship with sleep, we have plenty of ways you can go about it. First, try unwinding at the end of a long day by taking a bath with our fizzy CBD bath bomb. Its shell is fragranced with real lavender, which is thought to help soothe and calm, while its nourishing shea butter core is infused with CBD that gets drawn into skin over the course of your steamy bath. For best results, rinse, towel dry, and tumble right into bed.

There are of course busy days when you can’t squeeze in a bath. But we have other options: Many people also swear by CBD oil for sleep. Our CBD oil is available as drops and a spray, both of which are easy and convenient ways to enjoy the benefit of hemp’s active ingredients while winding down in the evening.

But to take your relationship with sleep to the next level, we have VAAY CBD Night Capsules. In addition to full-spectrum hemp extract, they contain 5-HTP to help the body realise it’s time to put a lid on all those meandering thoughts and make its way towards sleep. The capsule form is even more convenient to take before bed and is ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the taste of hemp oil mixing with their toothpaste.

What’s the deal with CBD and sleep?

CBD and sleep are familiar bedfellows, but why? Why does CBD have such a reputation for promoting better sleep? Part of this might simply be because of its often-assumed connection with the cannabis plant’s most famous cannabinoid, THC. However, it could also have something todo with the way CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

A part of your nervous system, it is thought to help regulate a variety of important cognitive processes. The CBD you absorb through your skin or other membranes docks to cannabinoid receptors throughout your body, eliciting a response that sends certain signals to your brain. In this way, CBD is thought to help bring a balance to the body that in turn promotes restfulness.

Full-spectrum CBD also contains a variety of terpenes shared by other plants traditionally thought to promote wellness. For example, linalool is found in both hemp and soothing lavender, while alpha- and beta-pinene are found in hemp and calming rosemary. While the experience of CBD is different for everyone, in our own survey we found that 31.1% of CBD consumers take CBD while searching for better sleep.

Will CBD alone help me get better sleep?

While many people in the UK take CBD oil for sleep, this and other supplements should not be solely relied on for serious sleep improvement.Getting a good night’s rest over the long term may require changes in your living situation or lifestyle. Incorporating CBD oil or pills can be a part ofthat, but here are some additional things to try:

Cutting down on evening screen time helps your brain wind down. Don’t let the TV sing you a lullaby!

LikePavlov’s dog, calming bedtime rituals train your body into knowing when it’s time to sleep.

Make your bedroom into a sleep haven by banishing blue light and keeping the temperature down.

These changes may seem easy or obvious, but it’s important to stick with them in order to retrain your mind and body for long-term sleep improvement. To delve even deeper, check out our detailed information on sleep optimization If you struggle with regular insomnia or have medical problems that could factor into your propensity for sleep, even the best CBD oil won’t give you the results you’re looking for.

Explore our entire line up of natural CBD products

Keeping all that in mind, if there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about on your journey to better sleep, it’s what’s inside our products. The ingredients we use are 100% natural, suitable for a vegan lifestyle, and regularly tested by third parties for both THC content and quality. You can check out the analyses of our products any time to find out more.

You can browse all the current products from VAAY in our online shop -- just don’t doit while in bed! No matter if your road to better sleep involves getting more exercise or loosening up with a partner, we have that can complement your workout or massage too. Better living through hemp is just a few clicks away!