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You had a tough and exhausting day? Do you need some rest and well deserved sleep? But your thoughts keep spinning around in your mind when you are lying in bed? The VAAY SLEEP hemp products are your perfect match for finding your peaceful sleep and rest.

CBD for sleep

CBD for sleep is an increasing area of interest and research for us here at VAAY. We believe in the power of CBD, and we strive for the highest quality of CBD products that will bring back that GOOD FEELIN' to your health. Feel at ease and relax when you start your CBD journey with us because we've got your back. Our extensive cannabidiol research and product development by our team of scientists and experts has resulted in our VAAY NIGHT Capsules, so great sleep is always at hand.  


While it’s something you may or may not take for granted, our modern lifestyles have seen a rise in sleep-related disorders, including insomnia. This can largely be attributed to our screen-based activities increasing how much blue light our bodies are exposed to – particularly in the evenings. People are reportedly facing higher rates of anxiety, stress, depression and other ill health symptoms, including pain and chronic inflammation, than at any other time in recorded history. This means that our bodies are staying wired longer, especially after the sun goes down, deregulating our centuries-evolved sleep cycles and leading to poorer quality of sleep over time.  


Basically, sleep is super important and has a profound effect on the quality of your health and wellbeing. If your sleep patterns are out of whack, you’ll find it much more challenging to continue feeling that zest for life or have those other healthy habits fall into place – we’re no strangers to the 3 p.m. energy slump and sugar munchies. We’ve 100% been there. Sleep is the period our bodies evolved to help us rest, process and recharge our life batteries. If we’re experiencing a diminishing quality of restorative sleep, our energy starts to deplete over time. 


Maybe that’s not you though – your energy levels seem fine, and your sleep has never seemed to be an issue (tell us your secret!). But have you ever had a tough and exhausting day when you were really craving a good night’s sleep to restore yourself? Maybe your thoughts keep spinning around in your mind when you are lying in bed? Aha! We’ve had those nights, too. That’s why we researched CBD for sleep and developed our special sleep hemp product, which is the perfect match for finding your peaceful sleep – even if it’s just on those days.  


Perhaps your quality of sleep has long suffered, and you’re probably keen to have a secret weapon for those off days, or maybe you’re somewhere in between these experiences – nonetheless, our CBD for sleep products have been designed to work with your body for the purpose of helping you to achieve a better night’s sleep no matter your present circumstance. Our recent market survey demonstrated that 33.2% of survey participants used CBD products in the evening, and 20.1% used it at night. These were the two highest percentages of use throughout the day and indicated to us that perhaps many people who use CBD are indeed seeking a better night of sleep. 


We believe with great sleep comes a great quality of life, and that’s something we want everyone to have the opportunity to access and experience. This is why we dove headfirst into the wonderful world of cannabidiol research to discover how CBD can help us achieve optimal health, especially where CBD for sleep is concerned.

How do CBD products help with sleep?

Perfect for the evening after a busy day, VAAY NIGHT Capsules contain the best of the hemp plant plus some sleep superstar ingredients. In our CBD for sleep capsules, we have combined a broad-spectrum hemp extract with seeds of the African plant, Griffonia, to help our bodies produce its natural sleep hormone and vitamins B12 and D. That makes our capsules the perfect product to partner with your body for a restful night. 


If you’re interested in exploring how CBD can help your relationship with sleep, we have plenty of ways you can go about it. First, try unwinding at the end of a long day by taking a bath with our fizzy CBD bath bomb. Its shell is fragranced with real lavender, which is thought to help soothe and calm, while its nourishing shea butter core is infused with CBD that gets drawn into the skin over the course of your steamy bath. For best results, rinse, towel dry, and tumble right into bed. 


There are, of course, busy days when you can’t squeeze in a bath, so we have other options. Many people also swear by CBD oil for sleep. Our CBD oil is available in the form of drops and spray, both of which are easy and convenient ways to enjoy the benefit of hemp’s active ingredients while winding down for sleep. 


If you're serious about taking your relationship with sleep to the next level, don’t go past our specifically researched and designed VAAY CBD Night Capsules. In addition to full-spectrum hemp extract, they contain 5-HTP to help the body realise it’s time to put a lid on all those meandering thoughts and make its way towards sleep. The capsule form is even more convenient to take before bed and ensures an optimal dosage.  


Now, using CBD oil with the intent of improving your sleep doesn’t mean you can negate all the other things we know are good for us when it comes to our eight hours a night. Don’t forget to get some morning sunshine, do some exercising, eat a diet of whole foods and ensure that your caffeine intake is in the first part of your day. Our CBD for sleep product will help you, but it isn’t a magic potion and works best in tandem with good sleep hygiene.   

Is CBD safe?

The quality of CBD can vary depending on the country, but for us at VAAY, we’re known to have strict and clear guidelines to ensure that all of our CBD products are safe for your consumption.   


CBD, short for cannabidiol, is safe and has minimal side effects if any. Because hemp-derived CBD in our products in Europe and the UK have to meet a standard of less than 0.2% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content, it means that there are no psychotropic effects that higher levels of THC are associated with.   


In fact, the type of hemp plant CBD comes from is not the same as the plant that produces typical THC products, so you’re well clear of any psychotropic experiences with CBD. In our sleep formula, there is less than 0.1% THC, making it perfectly legal.  


Don’t forget, if you travel with CBD products, for example, our CBD oil, you should know that the CBD itself is not a problem. However, you need to be careful; if the product contains the slightest amount of THC, you should check the corresponding cannabis law of the country you’re travelling to see if it is not legal. For this reason, we list all ingredients in our products both on the physical packaging and on our website, so it’s always easy for you to find this information. 

Will CBD alone help me get better sleep?

While many people in the UK take CBD oil for sleep, this and other supplements should not be solely relied on for serious sleep improvement.Getting a good night’s rest over the long term may require changes in your living situation or lifestyle. Incorporating CBD oil or pills can be a part ofthat, but here are some additional things to try:

Cutting down on evening screen time helps your brain wind down. Don’t let the TV sing you a lullaby!

LikePavlov’s dog, calming bedtime rituals train your body into knowing when it’s time to sleep.

Make your bedroom into a sleep haven by banishing blue light and keeping the temperature down.

These changes may seem easy or obvious, but it’s important to stick with them in order to retrain your mind and body for long-term sleep improvement. To delve even deeper, check out our detailed information on sleep optimization If you struggle with regular insomnia or have medical problems that could factor into your propensity for sleep, even the best CBD oil won’t give you the results you’re looking for.

Where can I buy CBD products near me?

You can buy quality CBD for sleep products from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Hop online to VAAY and check out our great range of CBD products that will have your relaxation and rest covered between our sprays and drops, massage oils, and vape diffusers. You may also benefit from our  CBD anxiety support products. 


Don’t just take our word for it. Experience the CBD oil benefits for yourself!