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CBD Vape Pens

VAAY CBD Diffuser Pens

Looking for an alternative or complement to sprays and oils in the UK? CBD vape pens may be the answer. Sit back, relax and enjoy high-quality CBD with VAAY Diffuser Pens. They’re simple to use, convenient to carry, and available in four aromatic natural flavours.

Take a deep breath and discover CBD vaping with VAAY

Easy, discrete, a pleasant aroma, and of course that special VAAY feeling. That’s the VAAY CBD Diffuser Pen in a nutshell. Our diffuser pens are simple and convenient to use because they come pre-charged and filled with a tasty and aromatic CBD mixture of your choice. These pen-sized CBD vaporizers fit easily into your pocket or bag, so they’re always at the ready when you need a moment.

What makes our CBD vape pens special?

If you’ve never had your own CBD vaporizer before, the sheer amount of info online can seem overwhelming. First you need to read up on how to assemble the right CBD mixture and fill a vape pen, then you have to learn how to control the temperature correctly, and then you even discover that not every CBD vaporizer is suitable for every type of mixture. Wasn’t the whole point of this thing to relax? With VAAY you can skip all that, because we’ve taken care of the hard part for you. All you need to do is decide which flavour you’d like and you’re set. We use only natural plant terpenes to give our mixtures their individual flavours, so you can also vape without worrying about artificial flavouring agents.

Using a CBD vape pen is an easy and effective way to bring cannabinoids into the body so that they can quickly take action. It works by heating the pre-prepared CBD mixture inside the vape pen until a vapour is formed, which you then inhale. All our VAAY Diffuser Pens, as we call our vape pens, are 100% free of nicotine and tar, and contain no artificial additives.

So what exactly is in the mix used in the VAAY Diffuser Pens? CBD, of course, with a total of 250 mg per pen. By law, the THC content in CBD extracts must be below 0.2%, so that the mixture does not have any intoxicating effects, and we ensure this is the case with our own mixture through regular third-party checks. The next component is a carrier oil for the CBD vape extract. We use flavourless MTC oil, which is extracted from coconuts. The third and last component is the fragrant terpenes that give the vapour in each of our flavours its characteristic aroma and taste.

Go floral or spicy? Choose your CBD vape flavour

Our CBD pens wouldn’t be nearly as great without terpenes. But what are terpenes, anyway? In short, these are natural compounds found in many plants –including the hemp plant, the unmistakable scent of which you may have already experienced. We use different terpenes in our vape pens to create a variety of invigorating or calming scents and flavours. These include:

- Limonene, which has a fragrance and taste like citrus fruits

- Linalool, which combines a floral note with a touch of spice

β-Caryophyllene, which has an earthy, sweet aroma

Terpenes are also often used in aromatherapy and cosmetics, where their fragrances enhance how it feels to use the products. With a CBD vape pen, you’ll experience not only the wonderful natural scents of these terpenes, but their flavours as well, as the vapour passes through your mouth. Positively tickling these two senses at the same time helps create a feeling of invigorating relaxation that is a perfect complement to any break or breather. Looking for even more ways to enjoy that VAAY feeling? Then get inspired by our other VAAY #RELAX products too.

How do I use a CBD vaporizer?

Using a Diffuser Pen is very easy. It arrives at your doorstep completely filled, charged and ready to use—all you need to do is remove it from the packaging. Before using it, give the pen a little shake, then inhale through the mouthpiece. We recommend taking up to four puffs in a row for one second each time, and then taking a break to ensure that the vape pen doesn’t overheat. There’s no need to hold the vapour in your lungs each time, you can just inhale normally, then breath the vapour out.

If you’ve never used a CBD vape pen before, we recommend starting easy with just a couple puffs and waiting five to 10 minutes to gauge the effects. A person’s size, weight, how deep they inhale, and other factors can all have an influence on how they use a vape pen. No matter how many puffs you take to get that VAAY feeling, keep in mind the maximum recommended number of puffs per day—you shouldn’t take more than this.

Another thing to note: Our CBD Diffuser Pens are not refillable and have a lifetime of about 150-200 puffs depending on how deep you inhale. We’re still working on developing a refillable vape pen, but in the meantime we’re striving to keep things as sustainable as possible through our Diffuser Pen Takeback Program. It works like this: When your VAAY Diffuser Pen is empty, we will gladly take it back. Collect five pens and send them to our recycling partner via post, and as thanks for taking eco-conscious initiative, we will send you a voucher for 10€ off your next order.

Is a vape pen right for me?

VAAY Diffuser Pens are available only for adults aged 18 and over. Children and teenagers under the age of 18 are not allowed to buy CBD vape pens in the UK. It’s also advisable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding to avoid using CBD vaporizers, as there has not been sufficient research done to ensure that they are completely safe for this group.

Our vape pens are suitable for those leading a vegan lifestyle and are made with 100% natural ingredients.

With four flavours, why not try them all?

You can check out the full flavour lineup of our vape pens in our online shop. Can’t decide between a minty vape and delectable gummies or a mouth spray? Then why not try one of our CBD product sets and CBD vape pen starter kit? Also available in the UK, they’re perfect for CBD newbies and make great gifts to introduce your special someone to that special VAAY feeling. Discover better living through hemp!