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Our CBD sprays made of CBD oil are perfectly suited for absorption through the oral mucosa. In addition to many positive properties, the spray dosage makes the absorption of CBD oil easier and also improves oral hygiene. The discreet companion for every occasion.

VAAY CBD oils and sprays: A pampering massage at home or discrete relaxation on the go

The hemp plant has been used in natural medicine for thousands of years—even the ancient Chinese and Egyptians knew how special it was. Today VAAY offers you high-quality, carefully-designed and well-tested CBD oils that are infused with the best parts of the hemp plant, including fruitful flavonoids and fragrant terpenes.

The sensory road to relaxation: Massage with CBD oils

We bet you could use a little more chill in your busy life, and what better way to let everything melt away than a massage? The skin is the human body’s largest organ, after all, so giving it soothing touches that glide across the surface with the help of high-quality CBD oil is a special way to relax, pamper and even tantalise yourself or a partner.

In addition to hemp’s natural active ingredients, VAAY CBD Massage Oil contains nourishing jojoba oil and warming ginger essence. These supporting actors help you relax tired muscles after exercise, care for skin after a shower, or add even more heat to a sultry massage.

For self care on the go: CBD oil in spray form

That special VAAY feeling doesn’t have to stay locked up at home. Our CBD oil is also available as a handy spray that fits in your jacket or handbag so it’s always within reach—convenient yet discreet. Another benefit of our CBD spray is that the spray form delivers oil optimally under your tongue and throughout your mouth for more efficient absorption through the mucous membrane. This means you enjoy the effects of the CBD oil faster during those times when you need some relaxation stat.

VAAY CBD oils contain the power of nature and are all natural

You can enjoy our full lineup of the CBD sprays and CBD oils with a clear conscience: The hemp plants used for our oils are grown in the EU, so they’re subject to strict cultivation guidelines and agricultural regulations. VAAY is also looking out for you when it comes to other ingredients, so our CBD oils contain only 100% natural ingredients and are vegan. So choosing VAAY CBD products is not only good for you, but for the planet too.

Our quality promise goes beyond just our CBD sprays and oils and also goes for our VAAY hemp food supplements, VAAY CBD skin care, & VAAY CBD Diffuser Pens.