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CBD Cosmetic

VAAY CBD cosmetics and hemp Skincare

Mind and body feeling rough? Need a little beauty boost? Hemp is here to help! Our CBD- infused cosmetics deliver the best of the hemp plant to help relax and pamper from head to toe.

Reward yourself inside and out: CBD cosmetics products for whole-body care

Let nature soothe, not only your mind, but your skin too. VAAY’s CBD cosmetics combine the natural active ingredients of the hemp plant with nourishing oils and relaxing fragrances to enhance your well-being. All VAAY products contain cannabidiol (CBD) and are regularly tested for quality and safety. Whether you’re yearning to relax after a long day at work or recover from a strenuous workout, our hemp cosmetics are designed to give you that VAAY feeling while soothing your skin and muscles at the same time.

Discover our CBD personal care products online now and get ready for your next VAAY spa day.

Treat your body to a holiday or some much needed support with VAAY cosmetics

How about a warm, sudsy bath and a stress-melting massage after a hard day? We can help you turn any normal evening at home into a relaxing spa getaway. Start with a steamy soak with the VAAY CBD bath bomb to calm your mind with the scent of soothing lavender while indulging your skin with CBD-packed shea butter. If you want to heat things up even further while letting worries melt away, VAAY CBD Massage Oil is infused with warming, tingly ginger essence that adds a special touch to any massage.

But it’s not all hedonistic abandon here at VAAY. For athletes or anyone seeking to relax stiffness and soreness, we’ve created the VAAY Sport Gel. In addition to naturalfull-spectrum hemp extract, it contains fragrant essential oils and terpeneswith scents reminiscent of pine, pepper and lemon. When applied, the gel firstcreates a cooling sensation and then a warmth when rubbed in, perfect forrelaxing tense muscles. It’s a great companion at the gym, your yoga classes, or even at work (because, let’s face it, sitting at a computer for eight hours a day isn’t easy!).

You can also find CBD products for oral care at VAAY. Our Mouth Spray combines the best of CBD with high quality, flavourless coconut-based MTC oil that enhances the absorption of active ingredients. By using a spray form, the oil is distributed evenly inside your mouth so it can be optimally absorbed through the mucous membrane.

With stimulating fragrances for complete skin and body care

CBD skin and body care is a holistic experience. At VAAY we design our products to complement the unique feeling of CBD with invigorating, soothing and inspiring scents like ginger, lavender and citrus. But more than simple fragrances, our oils and essences also leave skin feeling soft, moisturised and calmed. When used during a rejuvenating massage or bath, these elements of our products combine to leave you feeling renewed and revitalised.

If you want to incorporate CBD into other areas of your lifestyle, take a look at our CBD Oils or the VAAY CBD Vape Pens.

How do CBD cosmetic products work?

CBD creams, gels or oils make use of the body's endocannabinoid system. This is part of the nervous system and works with the help of cannabinoid receptors that are present in the brain, digestive tract, muscles and skin. When CBD cosmetic products are applied to the skin, the active ingredients of the hemp plant dock onto these cannabinoid receptors, where they take effect.

This also applies to the oral mucous membrane. Under certain circumstances, active ingredients are absorbed even faster and better in the mouth than through the skin. This is why, in addition to CBD creams or CBD ointments, drops and sprays are also popular—such as our VAAY CBD oral sprays.

As CBD is lipophilic (i.e.,soluble in fat) carrier fats are used in CBD creams and similar products. These fats and oils help improve CBD delivery through the skin, and usually have the bonus effect of being nourishing and beneficial for skin themselves. For example, our VAAY CBD Massage Oil uses moisturising jojoba oil as a base, while our CBD Sport Gel contains fragrant clove and eucalyptus oil.

Are CBD cosmetics the same as organic or natural cosmetics?

In essence, all CBD cosmetics make use of positive elements of the hemp plant and are based on natural ingredients. But the fact that hemp is used in the production of CBD skin or body care does not necessarily mean that it is a 100% natural product. Sometimes products may be labelled as "natural cosmetics" yet contain some synthetic ingredients, such as silicones or petroleum-based substances. This is because "natural cosmetics" is not a protected term, and its use is therefore not subject to regulation.

The term"organic" only assures that a certain percentage of the plant or animal ingredients inside a product are produced organically–not that only natural ingredients are present in the product. Organic cosmetics are therefore not necessarily 100% natural, or free of animal products.

The best way to be certain about a CBD cosmetic product is by taking a look at the list of ingredients. You can check whether the ingredients of the respective product–as with VAAY–are really 100% natural. At VAAY, we guarantee that our hemp skin and body care products are suitable for a vegan lifestyle and free of pesticide residues. Our cosmetics are regularly tested in independent laboratories and you can always read the evaluations of the analyses to find out more.

Explore our CBD personal care products online

You can always find all the current products from VAAY in our online shop. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for and made your purchase, we’ll box it up and have your parcel on its way as soon as possible. You can look forward to receiving high-quality hemp products that are produced through close cooperation between developers, doctors, researchers and biologists, that are natural and vegan, and that tested in Germany’s TÜV laboratory. So start planning your VAAY spa getaway today!