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CBD Oil Capsules

CBD Oil Capsules

Our capsules are the perfect companion for every occasion: VAAY CBD capsules kick-start and revitalize your morning routine.

We've also got CBD capsules formulated for winding down after a long day. VAAY CBD Night capsules with 5-HTP help you ease gently into your evening routine. They're the perfect blend of herbal goodness for a gentle night's sleep and a vibrant morning.

CBD Oil Capsules: Convenient, Discreet, and Efficient

If you’re looking for a convenient and discreet way to take CBD oil especially when you are on the go, CBD oil capsules are the answer. They are easy to swallow, and there is no need to measure out a dose or worry about spills. As a result, you can maximise your potential to relax and sleep better.

VAAY offers premium cannabidiol oil capsules that let you experience the benefits of CBD without the pungent taste and smell of the hemp ingredients. They provide a simple way for you to relax and calm your mind. 

VAAY CBD oil capsules come in various dosage levels, so you can adjust your intake according to what amount works best for your body. You can take a dose before heading to the office or before settling down for the night.

VAAY invests in extensive research and development for each of our products. We work with developers, biologists, doctors, and researchers who are passionate about the potential of CBD. Moreover, our products are regularly tested by third-party laboratories accredited by TÜV SÜD. You can check the results of these tests on our website for your perusal. 

VAAY goes above and beyond to meet the legal limit of THC for CBD products. We guarantee that all our products have a THC level of no more than 0.01%! Our products will not make you high – they will help put you in a good headspace. Place your order today!

Night CBD Oil Capsules

A sleepless night can leave you feeling grumpy and foggy the next morning. It can also make you crave sugar or caffeine just to get you through the day without dozing on your keyboard. If you constantly find yourself sitting at work and counting down the hours until you get back to bed, you might need to rethink your nightly routine first.

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated, and getting enough can help make you feel refreshed and prepared to take on any challenge.

VAAY has developed an advanced night-time formula to give you the support you need for quality sleep every night. Introduce the VAAY Night CBD Oil Capsules into your bedtime routine to make sleeping more enjoyable. We use only the highest quality, broad-spectrum extracts from hemp plants that meet the stringent cultivation standards in Europe. 

Our night CBD oil capsules are also infused with seed extracts from the plant Griffonia. These extracts contain natural 5-HTP that can help shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and get you through the night soundly.

VAAY Night CBD Oil Capsules are the perfect evening companions after a stressful workday. Their ingredients work together in synergy for a truly relaxing night. Our company is a firm proponent of sustainability, so every one of our products is made of only natural and vegan ingredients to help you sleep well without the guilt. 

In addition, VAAY utilises a unique formulation so your body can easily absorb the ingredients to let you experience their prospective benefits. 

CBD Oil Capsules Plus

VAAY CBD Oil Capsules Plus can help you stay composed in stressful situations. These capsules offer the benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids extracted from broad-spectrum hemp plants.

Unlike tablets, their capsule format ensures that no hemp flavour or scent is noticeable during ingestion. They essentially let you take doses of hemp-based CBD without the earthy smell and taste. Moreover, they include no animal or animal-derived ingredients to suit the vegan lifestyle. 

VAAY CBD Oil Capsules Plus contain only trace amounts of THC so as not to cause psychotropic effects. You can use them daily without compromising your productivity. Whether you are working, exercising, or travelling, these capsules can help you take a break and relax.

You can also take a dose whenever it’s comfortable for you, including right when you wake up and right before you go to bed. In fact, many people use these capsules to jump-start their mornings.