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CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

Our capsules are the perfect companion for every occasion: VAAY CBD capsules kick-start and revitalize your morning routine.

We've also got CBD capsules formulated for winding down after a long day. VAAY CBD Night capsules with 5-HTP help you ease gently into your evening routine. They're the perfect blend of herbal goodness for a gentle night's sleep and a vibrant morning.

CBD Capsules With Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract

CBD capsules are among the easiest and most convenient ways to enjoy¬†CBD, and they provide a simple way for you to relax or calm your nerves. Whether heading out to work or settling down for the evening at home, CBD capsules allow you to quickly and accurately take your favourite dose‚ÄĒwherever you are.

Additionally, unlike other forms of CBD delivery systems, capsules mask the taste and odour of the natural ingredients contained within‚ÄĒperfect for anyone who struggles with the unique taste of hemp and hemp-based products.

Our CBD capsules are available in the UK in different dose sizes, allowing you to easily tailor your intake to your needs‚ÄĒwhether that‚Äôs a relaxing night on the sofa or a stressful day at work. What‚Äôs more, using this widely recognizable method of taking CBD, hemp capsules are both discreet and easy to enjoy!

The Best Benefits Of CBD In Capsule Form

Using capsules as a delivery system has plenty of benefits for anyone who enjoys CBD either regularly or occasionally. Capsules are no-mess, odourless, easy to store, and also easy to carry with you‚ÄĒmaking them ideal for busy lifestyles or anyone who is constantly on the move.

Additionally, capsules allow innovative approaches to CBD delivery. Here at VAAY, we pack our CBD capsules with micellized CBD allowing your body to more efficiently absorb the CBD and ensuring it acts fast.

Micellization is a way to make CBD water-soluble and that increases the rate and extent to which the CBD is absorbed into the body. Scientists call it increased bioavailability.

CBD oil capsules also allow optimal delivery of hemp extract, making it easier to measure your dosage and find the perfect balance for your needs. This means you can effectively find the right amount of CBD depending on your activities, for example, to reduce stress earlier in the day, a single 10mg capsule may be enough, however, later in the day when you’re trying to get some well-earned rest, you might want to try the 20mg option.

How To Get The Best Out Of CBD Capsules

Our CBD capsules are perfect to use anywhere‚ÄĒfrom the gym after a morning workout, to the office during a break, or at home before going to sleep. Take one or two capsules per day, depending on your dosage, with water or another liquid and enjoy the right amount of CBD from this broad-spectrum hemp extract. The CBD is¬†micellized meaning it is water-soluble¬†for¬†increased bioavailability¬†and better results.

Perfect for those who like the effects of CBD but dislike the smell or taste of hemp and CBD oil, thanks to their handy form, our capsules are tasteless and odourless, plus there’s no messing around with sprays or pipettes. Just wash them down and enjoy that relaxing CBD experience.

Our Quality Guarantee for VAAY CBD Capsules In The UK

The CBD oil inside our capsules comes from a broad-spectrum hemp extract, which is rich in other valuable and potentially beneficial natural components of the hemp plant, including additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The capsule form ensures that no flavour or scent of hemp is detectable during use, making them perfect for those who struggle taking CBD oil in other forms. We have improved the bioavailability of CBD and other components with a special micellized formula that is more easily absorbed by the body than regular CBD capsules.

Our promise to you: Our CBD capsules are made of 100% natural ingredients are free of pesticide residues and, in accordance with legal requirements, contain less than 0.2% THC. They are suitable for a vegan lifestyle.