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CBD Oil 10%

CBD Oil 10% – Natural Remedy To Help Reduce Your Stress

CBD oil 10% is one of the most potent and most concentrated CBD oils on the market. A little goes a long way with this oil, making it a popular choice for those who want the benefits of cannabis without the high.

VAAY CBD oil 10% mouth sprays are specially formulated for optimum absorption through the oral mucosa. Their unique combination of ingredients can enhance your ability to relax when integrated into your daily routines. Moreover, they contain properties that are beneficial to oral hygiene.

You can use our CBD oil 10% mouth sprays at any point of the day, including right after you wake up and right after you eat a meal. Their discreet design makes them the ideal companions for relaxation on the go. 

The oil is evenly distributed using the spray mechanism to ensure optimum absorption through the mucous membrane. If you want alternative ways to consume CBD, we also have massage oils and diffuser pens tailored to support your needs. They all contain fragrant terpenes and fruitful flavonoids extracted from hemp plants.

The quality and safety of our CBD oil 10% mouth sprays are continually checked by experienced scientists in certified laboratories. You can check the results of these tests on our website before starting your CBD journey.

Taking the edge off the hustle and bustle of daily life is easy with VAAY CBD oil 10% mouth sprays.

You might wonder what the percentage is representing – it’s the content of CBD in the oil. In this case, you get 1000 milligrams of CBD per vial.

VAAY strictly complies with legal requirements in our region, keeping the THC levels to no more than 0.01%. These numbers ensure you do not experience any psychotropic effects to help you stay productive. Our products will not make you high – they will help make you feel right. 

Try CBD for yourself today and experience its many prospective benefits!

Is it safe to use CBD oil?

The WHO recently published a critical review report on CBD. The study emphasises that CBD does not result in intracranial self-stimulation associated with high THC contents.

VAAY understands that the legal limit of THC for the products we offer is 0.2%. However, we go the extra mile to ensure that the THC level is no more than 0.01%. That is the VAAY guarantee!

The WHO study highlights how numerous clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of CBD in treating epilepsy. It also mentions preliminary evidence supporting its use in several other conditions.

VAAY has contributed to the research of CBD by commissioning a survey from our headquarters in Germany. The survey revealed that German CBD users use CBD products for the following reasons:

  • Pain relief (47.6%)

  • Relaxation (42.1%) 

  • General well-being (39.7%) 

  • Sleep aid (31.1%) 

  • Against inflammation (22.6%)

  • Muscle relaxation (8.5%) 

  • Concentration (6.1%)

  • Other (14.5%)


How to choose the right CBD oil dosage to use?

There’s no universally accepted CBD dosage since every individual’s endocannabinoid system is different. Make sure you start with small doses if you’re new to CBD to avoid potential side effects. It can take weeks before you begin to feel the benefits, so you should not increase your dosage too soon.

While you determine what dosage is right for your body, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy moments of tranquillity whenever needed. Explore our entire catalogue of CBD products and place an order now! 

Where can I buy 10% CBD oil near me?

Ordering CBD oil 10% mouth sprays from VAAY is easy and convenient! Our online platform was built with the intention of making your shopping experience as seamless as possible. Just add your desired products to your shopping cart and pick the quantity and variation you want to buy. In addition, you can browse our entire online store to find a variety of CBD products, including capsulesedibles, and gummies. If you prefer other delivery methods to experience the benefits of CBD, we also have innovative skincare products like balms and bath bombs.

After checking out, you should receive a confirmation email containing all the information you need, including estimated delivery details. If you do not find the confirmation email in your inbox, please contact us at so we can resolve the issue right away.

VAAY is dedicated to developing more innovative products to meet the needs of our customers. All our current products are designed to support your efforts to find inner balance and mindfulness. They can help you take quick breaks from the pressures of everyday life – like resetting your internal compass.

It is recommended that you purchase CBD oil 10% only from reputable brands that invest in product research and development.

VAAY works closely with experienced developers, biologists, doctors, and researchers to create best-selling products using high-quality active ingredients. We only use CBD derived from hemp plants grown to the highest cultivation standards in Europe. 

You can tell from our background that we know what we’re doing. We formulate innovative CBD products that can be a great addition to your lifestyle. 

VAAY provides customers with a flexible return policy. We will gladly refund your money if you change your mind, as long as the products are still sealed. Please understand that we can only accept sealed returns for hygienic reasons. 

VAAY offers free shipping via Royal Mail for orders within the UK. Buy our revolutionary CBD oil 10% mouth sprays and experience their benefits as soon as possible! We look forward to being a part of your CBD journey.