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More Athletes Are Investing In CBD

01/02/2021 2 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal
01/02/2021 2 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal

Athletes have a lot of pressure to perform well, just watching professional athletes, sometimes even we feel stressed for them. For example, Tennis athletes have to focus on their next move all while keeping count of the score in their mind. The score tells them where to stand, when to sit, etc., and for 99% of players there is no game nor tie-break score to easily see. This is just one example, all sports require just as much mental focus as they do physical strength. Many professional athletes have ways to cope with stress and focus while performing. 

This is exactly why it’s no surprise that footballer Mario Götze is  one of several prominent investors who have given German cannabis start-up Sanity Group cash and CBD a boost in awareness. Other athletes investing include: soccer player Dennis Aogo and ex-soccer player Jonas Hummels. Athletes are not the only prominent investors, as model Stefanie Giesinger and the American producer and rapper are also investors.

Götze and his prominent colleagues participated in a financing round in which around four million euros were  flowed into the start-up. Bitburger Ventures is one of the investors, whose managing director Friedrich Droste is enthusiastic: "We see great potential in the Sanity Group and, with the investment, the opportunity to participate in a rapidly growing and promising innovation market." To date, there is no official statement from Mario Götze about his investment.

In February of last year, a financing round called "Pre-Series-A" raised EUR 20 million. Now a total of another 25 million euros are being added.

About Sanity Group

Sanity Group is the start-up of the two entrepreneurs Finn Age Hänsel and Fabian Friede. The company has dedicated itself entirely to the topic of Cannabis, with their brand VAAY being solely dedicated to CBD products. Several brands are also part of Sanity Group: Vayamed is dedicated to medicinal cannabis - both through research and distribution, and This Place is a functional CBD cosmetic skin care line.

Cannabis is the future

As Mario Götze does not smoke cannabis but rather uses  CBD oil. CBD is a cannabinoid present in the hemp plant that does not trigger any psychotropic effects on the user. It is therefore freely available in Germany and the EU without a prescription.
Products containing CBD are already widely used by athletes in the USA, for various reasons such as relaxing and recovery. This is why Mario finds the idea of developing tailor-made products for athletes exciting.

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