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Kapalbhati: Your CBD Capsules Ritual

15/06/2021 3 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal
15/06/2021 3 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal

What’s your daily ritual so you can turn up and be your best? We’ve got another deep breathing exercise as a routine featuring our 10 mg CBD PLUS capsules. Deep breathing (Pranayama) is the ancient practice of controlling your breath. You control the timing, duration, and frequency of every breath and hold. The goal of pranayama is to connect your body and mind. It also supplies your body with oxygen while removing toxins.

What Is Kapalbhati Breathing?

Kapalbhati Pranayama is a breathing practice that uses a short, strong and rapid inhalation and exhalation through the nose. It gets its name from the Sanskrit words, Kapal, meaning skull, and bhati meaning “to shine”. A shining forehead is said to be a sign of a healthy body. Pranayama simply means “controlled breathing.” In Sanskrit, “Prana” means life energy and “Yama” means control. That’s because your breath fuels and supports every cell in your body.

Kapalbhati is a deep abdominal breathing technique that uses a short, strong and rapid inhalation and exhalation through the nose ONLY. The detoxification that takes place during this breathing exercise expels the toxins through the outgoing breath. The benefits are that it improves blood circulation & calms the mind. This breath is great for cleansing, releasing the tension, clearing sinuses and brain fog. It’s great for our digestion, immune system and bringing positive energy into the body.

How To Do It:

Step 1:
Sit in any meditative posture. It can be cross-legged in the Lotus position or sitting on your heels (whichever is more comfortable for you.) Your hands will be on your legs or in your lap.

Step 2:
Whichever seating posture you choose, the rest is the same: Keep your back and neck straight, shoulders relaxed. The head and neck should be aligned with the spine. Now inhale deeply with both the nostrils and expel the breath forcefully by contracting the abdominal muscles. 

Step 3:
Continue with forceful exhalation and passive inhalations for 25- 30 strokes. This completes one round of Kapalbhati. When practising Kapabhati breathing, you will have active exhalations and passive inhalations. In other words, you shouldn’t have to focus on your inhalations to happen. They will happen automatically. 

Each round of breathing should end with the lungs having very little or no air left. Completely empty your lungs with each breath. You should be able to gradually increase the number of breaths and rounds with practice. By taking Kapalbhati breathing for only 5 minutes daily, the effects should be noticeable.

Benefits of Kapalbhati Breathing

Kapalbhati breathing has many benefits including improving skin texture. It should be performed empty stomach, so try to do it first thing in the morning. This breathing exercise is beneficial for strengthening the lungs and keeping them strong and healthy. 

Note: As with any practice proceed with caution. Avoid kapalbhati breathing if wheezing occurs, you have high blood pressure or are experiencing any pain or difference in the abdominal area. If dizziness occurs try the practice at a slower pace.  

The Bottom Line

When we breathe deeply and can control our breath, it is camping and soothing for the entire body. This includes digestion, the nervous system, and mental wellbeing. Our life force (aka Prana) nourishes the muscle fibres, tones -- these are some of the same benefits achieved from meditation. This breathing exercise is great for cleansing, releasing stress, clearing brain fog, and bringing positive VAAYBES into the body. Namaste.

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