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What does CBD feel like?

29/07/2020 4 MIN. READ Tim Dresemann
29/07/2020 4 MIN. READ Tim Dresemann

It’s not that easy to describe what CBD feels like to someone who has never tried it. How would you, for example, describe what it feels like taking a walk on the beach? Especially then, when the other person has never experienced it? And what makes it so difficult for us to explain this?

It’s simple: A reference for comparison is missing.

What does CBD feel like, what kind of experience can you expect from CBD Oil, and is there even such a thing as a “typical” CBD experience?

If you really want to know, why not just give CBD a try yourself!

What does „being you“ feel like?

Too abstract for you? Then try describing what exactly it feels like to be you. Can you? You might think “Sure! My left foot aches, I’m a bit annoyed by all the rain, slightly hungry, etc.”.

However, those are all „facts” made from your own perception and will always be relative statements, never absolutes. You can never describe exactly what it feels like to be you, exactly how annoyed you are by the rain, etc., since nobody else will ever be able to truly understand and relate to your viewpoint.

Every experience is unique! Every person makes their very own experiences in a situation, which are completely individual and different from that of another person in the exact same situation. This is because experiences aren’t only made based on the objective situation itself, but also on our own past experiences and expectations we bring with us into every situation.

It’s all about your own experience!

It’s no different with CBD. Here it’s all about your own experience. Let’s say we could describe precisely what you will feel taking CBD (which we obviously can’t…) – would it be right to do so? Wouldn’t it be better for you to go into the experience completely open to whatever you’ll actually feel? For you to solely focus on your own CBD experience? Don’t worry, we’ll still give you some pointers on what to expect- or better yet, what not to expect:

What CBD does not feel like

It might be easiest to start with what you shouldn’t expect from your CBD experience:

    • You won’t get high!

    Some may be disappointed to hear this, others may feel relieved and reassured: CBD isn’t intoxicating – in case this was a concern of yours, rest assured, our CBD products have no psychoactive qualities to them.

    • This also means that CBD won’t get you in any trouble in case of a drug test.
      You can still legally drive after consuming CBD.
    • You “won’t notice anything” from CBD
      … at least that’s a common claim. Does this mean it isn’t worth giving a try? Or could this be a hint as to how CBD actually works?
    • Maybe CBD has less to do with what it makes you feel, but instead what it helps you not feel anymore.

    Maybe it should be more about what CBD doesn’t feel like.

    Lightness = Not carrying any loads

    Let’s say you’ve had a rough day and decide to take some CBD. Does this mean CBD will suddenly give you superpowers to handle everything with ease? Not quite.

    Does it still make your tasks a bit easier to handle since you don’t feel as overwhelmed by everything? Possibly!

    Then what difference does CBD actually make? Maybe CBD lends you a certain lightness to dealing with things. And lightness is pretty difficult to describe- other than it being the lack of anything weighing you down.

    Maybe you just can’t get to sleep: Your thoughts are racing and you can’t slow them down enough to relax. Soon you notice that yet another half hour has passed and you still haven’t fallen asleep.. and so on.

    If CBD doesn’t work like a switch that’s flipped and puts you straight to sleep, then how does it feel in this sort of situation? Who knows. Differently from before anyhow.

    You can probably guess where we’re going with this: CBD doesn’t feel like your aching knee, even when it doesn’t magically take the pain away. It doesn’t feel like a rainy summer day, even when it doesn’t make all the rain clouds disappear.

    Sometimes something is missing, other times things are just too much

    Sometimes what matters most isn’t what we think we need — it’s what we don’t need. Don’t think about what you’re missing. Try to let the moment just be as it is. Try to relax. Try to wind down.

    CBD & ASMR

    Is this all too vague for you? If you’re more of a hands-on kind of person, we have just the right thing for you.

    Ever heard of ASMR? Here’s the long scientific explanation:

    Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, in short ASMR, describes a pleasant feeling, often experienced as a sort of tingling sensation. It typically starts on your scalp and travels down your neck along your spine… and so on.

    Again: A description of the experience can never replace the experience itself. And we here at VAAY are all about experience. This is the case for ASMR as well as CBD.


    Enough talk. Now it’s time for you to grab your headphones, possibly allow yourself a couple of pumps of our CBD mouth spray, find a cozy spot, and submerge yourself in one of our ASMR videos. We’ve gone all out on expenses and effort to make these videos for you. Don’t overthink it by trying to figure out what to expect and just give it a try! Let yourself dive into a deep state of relaxation with — The VAAY Experience.




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