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To Vape or Not To Vape: What You Need To Know About Vaping CBD

09/04/2021 12 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal
09/04/2021 12 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal

If Shakespeare had been around in the times of CBD, he probably would have asked the question: To vape or not to vape? Well, in our humble opinion – to vape! But here at VAAY, we’re kind of biased, hence our line of amazing vape pens (but more on this later). When it comes to CBD, there’s an ocean of options out there. Some people enjoy riding the waves and going with the flow when it comes to adding CBD to their life, while others like to know exactly what they’re getting into. Although it’s fun to go with the flow, we’re a fan of the latter – that way, you can get the most out of your CBD experience! So, with this in mind, today we’re putting the spotlight onto (surprise, surprise) vaping CBD! We aim to answer all of your burning questions about this method of consumption, weigh up the pros and cons, and identify some of the main purported benefits of adding CBD to your life. See, we’re nothing if not helpful! Make sure that you keep reading to discover why you should get your vape on.


Content Overview

  1. A guide to vaping CBD
  2. Vape CBD the VAAY way
  3. But… is it for you?
  4. Making a case for a CBD vape
  5. Vaping’s fast-acting nature
  6. The dose
  7. It’s a simple process
  8. The flavours
  9. It’s vegan
  10. Why add CBD to your lifestyle?
  11. CBD and calm
  12. CBD and sleep
  13. CBD and pain
  14. Orally
  15. Topically
  16. Edibles
  17. Final Thoughts

A guide to vaping CBD

Before we can even get into vaping CBD, we first need to answer the burning question, ‘what is CBD oil’? Basically, CBD is located in the cannabis Sativa plant, along with many other cannabinoids. Clever scientists and researchers have isolated many of these cannabinoids, and some have become more famous than others. Alongside the super famous CBD, the other cannabinoid that will likely come to mind for many is tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. You see, this is the primary psychotropic cannabinoid found in the plant, and if consumed, it can alter your state of mind. But don’t worry, CBD won’t! This is because CBD is regarded as a non-psychotropic compound, and this is what makes it super appealing as an ingredient to add to many health and wellness products. Before it can be included as an ingredient, CBD needs to be extracted from the plant and then diluted with a carrier oil, such as avocado or coconut oil.

Now onto the fun stuff – CBD vaping! One commonly searched for question is ‘what is CBD vaping’? Put simply, it’s the act of using a vape pen to inhale CBD. The contents are often called CBD vape oils or CBD e-liquids, and they can come in a variety of doses. Of course, CBD won’t be the only ingredient, as many also contain flavourings and vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. You may have seen e-cigarettes before, and vaping CBD is very similar to this, except you can rest easy as there’s no nicotine in sight – CBD is the primary ingredient and takes centre stage.

Vape CBD the VAAY way

Typically, a lot of research would need to go into how to vape CBD. You see, you would need to figure out how to assemble your vape kit, how to control the temperature, and try to manage your doses. Well, we here at VAAY believe that this is more stress than it’s worth; after all, shouldn’t you be vaping CBD for a moment of calm? This sounds anything but peaceful! That’s why we have created our line of vape pens with you in mind. All of the hard stuff is sorted for you, and all we ask you to do is decide on what flavour most tickles your fancy. 

So, what have we put into our vape pens? Well, there’s 250mg of CBD, coconut oil, MCT oil extracted from coconuts, and finally, the natural terpenes that provide our vape pens with their yummy and distinctive taste and aroma. It’s also just as important to consider what’s not included in our CBD vape pens. You see, it contains zero nicotine, zero additives, and is free of THC (with a concentration of less than 0.2%). When it comes to vaping CBD, all you need to do is order your preferred product from us and remove it from the packaging. Prior to using it, we advise you to give the pen a bit of shake, and then simply inhale it through the mouthpiece. See? It couldn’t be more simple! 

If you’re a vape or CBD beginner, then start off slowly with two puffs and wait to see how you feel. If you’re feeling a bit more confident, then we recommend four puffs in a row for one second each time. Here at VAAY, we care about the planet (after all, we only get one!). With this in mind, we have set up our Diffuser Pen Takeback Program. You see, currently, our vape pens aren’t refillable, so once your pen is empty, you can send it back to us! If you collect five pens, we will send you a voucher that you can spend on your next order with us. Neat, right?

So, what flavour will you choose? Thanks to the naturally occurring terpenes in the hemp plant, our flavourings are entirely natural. Different terpenes can invoke different aromas and tastes; take our herbal vape pen, for example. It contains the alpha-pinene terpene, which essentially invokes the smell of stroll through the forest – fresh and earthy. On the other hand, our fruit vape pen boasts the geraniol terpene. Imagine a combination of rose bushes and fresh lemongrass – heavenly, right? It also tastes divine – kind of like roses!

But… is it for you?

Sorry, not if you’re under 18! You can’t purchase CBD vape pens in the UK if you’re a younger teenager or a child. We should also mention that pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid this method of CBD consumption, purely because there’s not enough research to conclusively confirm that it’s safe yet. And while we’re on the potential ‘not for yous’, another drawback for some people will be the act of vaping itself – it’s not for everyone, after all. What’s more, you definitely can’t vape CBD everywhere, so you should check out the local laws in your area – it’s not worth getting in trouble for! Besides, even if vaping isn’t for you, other types of CBD consumption might be. 

Making a case for a CBD vape

Now that we’ve covered the reasons some people may wish to avoid vaping CBD, it’s time to get into the many pros of opting to vape CBD.

The convenience

You just can’t beat the convenience of vaping CBD, am I right? Once you’re fully aware of where you can and can’t vape CBD, it’s easy! Simply pack your vape pen and use it while you’re out and about for the day. Make sure that you allow yourself to take a break out of your busy schedule to enjoy a moment for yourself. You never know; you may begin to love your CBD vape more than your coffee break!

Vaping’s fast-acting nature

Want to feel the potential benefits that the all-natural CBD can bring to your life, fast? Then it doesn’t come better than vaping CBD, as it’s the fastest way for you to feel the possible effects. But why is this? Simple – it’s the way that the CBD is absorbed through your lungs, as this way it reaches your bloodstream quickly. One study published in 2004 reported that when you inhale compounds through your lungs, they can be taken in or absorbed by your body in as little as one or two minutes. This makes vaping CBD a super attractive method for many people, as out of the hundreds of other products on the market, CBD vapes can allow you to reap the purported benefits with minimal delay.

The dose

Other methods of CBD, such as topicals and edibles, can be pretty tricky to dose. With vaping, especially our vape pens at VAAY, you know exactly what you’re getting thanks to the pre-dosed convenience. This simplifies the whole process for you, and it can also prevent you from over-consuming CBD, which could lead to you feeling sick.

It’s a simple process

Even if you’ve never vaped before, it’s super easy to learn! Even better, if you’ve vaped before then you’ll already be familiar with the process, and adding vaping CBD to your life will be a smooth transition. Plus, CBD is a natural ingredient, and so much better for you than the comparatively harmful and addictive nicotine.

The flavours

You won’t ever be bored when it comes to your CBD vape, and that’s because there are so many different flavours out there! Sure, some will be artificial flavourings, but here at VAAY, ours are all-natural. This means you can enjoy the yummy flavours guilt-free – there’s no natural tang of unflavoured CBD here!

It’s vegan

First off, it’s important to note that not all CBD products are vegan, and some advertising can be misleading. So, if this is essential to you, then we recommended that you always read the information and ingredients before making a purchase. There’s nothing to worry about here at VAAY, though, as our vape pens are completely vegan and packed full of natural ingredients. This means that if you’re leading a vegan lifestyle, you can be 100% confident in using our products. Plus, even if you’re not vegan, you will be able to give yourself a pat on the back for using products that don’t conduct harmful tests on innocent animals, and it’s also better for the environment. This is a real win-win!

Why add CBD to your lifestyle?

Now let’s get into the many potential benefits that vaping CBD (or CBD in general) can bring to your life. The research into CBD is continually growing, and every study or review is a step closer to furthering our knowledge of this talented cannabinoid. With this in mind, here are some of the most promising areas of CBD research.

CBD and calm

You can be the most chilled out person in the world, but there’s no way you can avoid stress forever. We’re all unique, and therefore we all feel stress for different reasons. However, we think it’s safe to say that there are some common life stressors, like interviews, meeting new people, giving presentations or speeches – the list goes on! CBD may be a vegan, natural way to help you manage your stress, if the current research is anything to go by. One review published in 2015 reported that CBD may be able to positively interact with the serotonin receptors in your brain, along with others, and this can help to reduce anxiety behaviours and fear responses. 

Furthermore, one study published in 2011 examined the effects of CBD on people with social anxiety disorder (SAD). The symptoms of social anxiety disorder might include panic attacks, low self-esteem, uncontrollable blushing, struggling to communicate and make eye contact, the feeling of constantly being judged or watched, heart palpitations, and many more. This is no fun, and it can seriously negatively impact people’s daily lives. The results from the study were encouraging; however, as the group who received a dose (400mg) of CBD in comparison to the placebo group experienced a reduction in their anxiety levels. 

Recent studies into CBD have examined the effects of CBD on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. Research published in 2018 reported that CBD shows potential in helping people to manage their stress symptoms. Symptoms of PTSD can include nightmares, trouble sleeping, heart palpitations, stress, trembling, feeling sick, excessive sweating, and more. The research noted that the studies they reviewed included both CBD as a standalone treatment and also as a combination treatment alongside talking therapies (such as cognitive behavioural therapy) and traditional prescribed medications. Further preliminary research needs to be conducted to establish safety, efficacy, and appropriate dosage, but we think you’ll agree that the future looks promising for CBD acting as a calming supplement.

CBD and sleep

We’ve all been there: tossing and turning all night, only to have sleep elude us. Insomnia can be so frustrating, especially if you have a busy day ahead of you. Insomnia doesn’t just refer to the struggle to get sleep; it can also mean that you have trouble staying asleep. CBD for sleep is a growing area of research, and we think that you’ll agree that the future seems promising for the use of CBD as a natural sleep supplement. One study published in 2014 demonstrates that CBD may positively affect your sleep cycle. This small study examined the effects of CBD on four people with Parkinson’s disease. They were dealing with a condition known as REM sleep disorder that may cause poor sleep and the acting out of dreams and nightmares. The study concluded that CBD was able to reduce the frequency of REM sleep behaviour disorder, and it produced no negative side effects. 

A further study published in 2014 implied that CBD could help to promote wakefulness. This can be useful for people struggling with insomnia, as it may help to improve their concentration the next day. We told you that CBD was a multi-talented cannabinoid! Finally, research published in 2019 examined the potential calming effects of CBD on sleep. Seventy-two people took part in this research, with 25 struggling to sleep and 47 dealing with anxiety. The information revealed by the study was encouraging, as 66.7% reported that they slept better, and 79.2% experienced a reduction in their feelings of anxiety. We would argue that the act of vaping itself is a calming experience, as you can take a moment away from work and worries alike to recentre yourself. The fact that vaping CBD can allow you to feel the potential effects of CBD quickly makes it a great addition to your night-time routine.  

CBD and pain

‘CBD oil for pain’ is a term that’s been typed into internet search engines more often recently. This could be because people are searching for an all-natural solution to the pain they are feeling. There’s no conclusive evidence surrounding the use of CBD for pain as of yet, but the field of research is growing. For example, one animal study published in 2016 examined the effects of CBD on rats with arthritis. The researchers noted that the use of topical CBD (6.2mg per day for four days) was potentially able to reduce the symptoms of pain, swelling, and inflammation in their joints. This is encouraging, although more human trials are needed to further determine safety and dosage. 

One review published in 2018 examined the current literature into CBD for chronic pain relief. The researchers assessed studies that examined the effects of CBD on neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and cancer-related pain. The review concluded that CBD was potentially effective at managing chronic pain, and it didn’t produce any negative side effects. Finally, one review published in 2018 asserted that there’s evidence to suggest that CBD may be able to improve some symptoms of pain, and therefore this may promote a healthy night’s sleep. The fact that vaping CBD may allow you to feel the effects quickly is promising for those of you seeking the potential pain-relieving qualities that CBD vapes may bring.

How to take CBD oil 

It would be silly of us to leave out the other ways you can consume CBD; after all, how might you make the best decision for you about vaping CBD if you aren’t fully informed about the other methods? Indeed, one of the most commonly searched for questions on the internet (relating to CBD, obviously) is ‘how to take CBD oil’- and we’re here to help you find out.


When it comes to oral CBD, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can take your CBD via capsules and swallow them whole with some water. This is a simple, tasteless way of getting your CBD in. Plus, they are super easy to dose. Then there’s sublingual CBD application. For you CBD newbies out there, sublingual is just a way of saying ‘under the tongue’. You see, absorbing CBD via the sublingual gland speeds up the absorption of the CBD, meaning that you can feel the potential effects more quickly. The great thing about CBD oil is that you can purchase it in a range of flavours, meaning that you’re unlikely to get bored! 

Fun fact: sublingual CBD use is the second fastest way (after vaping) to feel the potential effects. Although, remember, this may not be the same for everyone, as other factors come into play, such as height and weight. If you think this method sounds like it would suit your lifestyle, then check out our CBD Mouth Spray! It’s super discreet and packed full of natural goodness.


Topical CBD is great for direct and targeted usage. You see, it’s CBD in forms that you can apply directly to your skin and body. This can come in the form of balms, ointments, moisturisers, bath bombs, shampoos, and more. With topical CBD, it can take a bit of time for you to feel the possible effects, but it’s a great option if you wish to combine acts of self-care with all-natural CBD. Take our CBD Lavender Bath Bomb, for example. After you have dissolved the sweet-smelling bath bomb, you can chill out in the bath with a good book... after you’ve smoothed our natural CBD core over your body, of course!


Edible CBD is a super fun way of incorporating this cannabinoid into your lifestyle, as there is an abundance of options for you to choose from or make! If it’s convenience that you’re after, then why don’t you consider purchasing CBD-infused dried fruit or protein bars? If you have some more time on your hands, then you could whip up a fruity CBD-infused smoothie or a batch of cookies. The choice is yours! Much like topical CBD, edibles can be a relatively slow-acting method of CBD consumption. This is because the CBD needs to travel through your liver and digestive system, rather than making its way straight to your bloodstream (like vaping!) If this doesn’t bother you, then why not get creative in the kitchen with CBD today? There are plenty of great recipes out there to get you started.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it – everything you need to know about vaping CBD, as well as the other avenues open to you. We hope that we have made a decent case for vape, although we understand vaping CBD won’t be for everyone! The great thing about us here at VAAY is that we offer a wide range of all-natural CBD options for you to choose from, and you could even use a combination of these methods (although make sure you watch your dosage). And hey, there’s no CBD law that says you can only use one method – get out there and try out whatever you want!

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