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Is CBD just a trend?

12/08/2020 5 MIN. READ Tim Dresemann
12/08/2020 5 MIN. READ Tim Dresemann

As many of you might know already, or at the very least have heard about: CBD is a wonderful thing. CBD, the “cousin cannabinoid” of the feared psychoactive cannabinoid, THC, has been making the news a lot lately. But is it truly as great as all the talk claims?

Content Overview

  1. Research backs it up
  2. Where has CBD been all this time?
  3. Why is CBD “suddenly” such a big deal and where has all this come from?
  4. Feeling good without getting high
  5. CBD is simply good stuff!
  6. Can CBD live up to its expectations?
  7. So is CBD just a temporary trend?

Research backs it up

Countless studies suggest we are yet to expect great things from CBD in the medical field. Although the research conducted on CBD so far isn’t always extensive, it generally points towards the same thing: CBD possesses qualities that can improve our health and wellbeing. But it also has significant benefits for the casual consumer- more and more people are beginning to realize that CBD can improve their daily life.

Why is CBD “suddenly” such a big deal and where has all this come from?

You may wonder why you’re just now hearing about CBD. Or, if CBD really is as great as they say, why haven’t we always been using it? Both of these questions are justified.

On the one hand, the answer isn’t actually that difficult, on the other hand, it’s also not very satisfying: CBD comes from the hemp plant. As innocent as this may sound, hemp is just another term for cannabis. Surely, you’ve heard of the dangers of the illegal cannabis plant before, which is why CBD, the non-psychoactive component in cannabis, has been given the same label by default. Moral of the story: Words matter.

How come CBD Oil isn’t viewed in the same way as tea tree oil, ginger drops, or Japanese mint oil? They all have their secured place in medicine, why not CBD Oil as well if it’s been around for just as long, if not longer? This is partially because CBD, a component of the cannabis plant, has been a taboo topic and never had the opportunity for modern research to be conducted on its medical benefits.

Why is CBD “suddenly” such a big deal and where has all this come from?

This change in attitude has only come into place in the past few years. Not only the medical and pharmaceutical industries are increasingly interested in the benefits of cannabis, but now also the average civilian. The cannabis plant clearly has high potential in improving your wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

Because of this new turn in events, people are becoming more aware of the benefits and traditional history of healing practices of the cannabis plant. The former image of cannabis as a purely intoxicating drug for drop-outs is beginning to fade, and its true history is finally coming to light.

Feeling good without getting high

When dealing with cannabis, there is one important differentiator we must keep in mind: The medical potential and the infamous intoxicating effects, caused by the cannabinoid THC, are two entirely different animals.

Fortunately for us, the idea of separating the two isn’t just an idea anymore- it’s absolutely possible and lately standard procedure. To reap the benefits of the cannabis plant, you don’t need to submit yourself to the psychoactive effects caused by THC. Nowadays most cannabis products are made by picking and choosing which elements of cannabis are included- products can range from being high in THC content, to more or less no THC content, which is the case for our products.

And to back all this up: Even the Narcotics Act is open to the possibility of cannabis products, without its psychoactive components. The cannabis plant itself remains a big fat “nope” in the eyes of the law. CBD however, unlike THC, isn’t individually mentioned in the act. Cannabidiol, therefore, lies in a bit of a gray zone but technically isn’t illegal.

Precisely this is the requirement for us to be able to create CBD products and legally put them on out on the market for you. Thanks to this mild differentiation, you can still enjoy the benefits of CBD, without breaking the law by consuming cannabis products. However: Just because something is possible, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will always happen.

CBD is simply good stuff!

And exactly that is the point this post is getting to: CBD has become such a big thing because it’s genuinely good stuff! Taking a step away from all the benefits CBD can have for medical purposes, it can also improve anybody’s daily life, similarly to how eating healthy and eating right can improve your wellbeing, regardless of if you’re sick or not to begin with. CBD will help you feel better, without having to feel guilty or worried about what you’re putting into your body (which is a genuine concern nowadays).

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for helping various processes in our body happen as smoothly as possible. This makes it clear that apart from using CBD for medical treatment, CBD can also help with struggles we have that may not necessarily be crucial enough to be treated medically. Whoever thinks they couldn’t possibly benefit from CBD is either ignorant or living life on a level of wellbeing that would rival that of a king.

While treating medical issues with the help of CBD often requires specific dosages of CBD Oil, we can also see that even small amounts can already make a big difference. In some cases, not much CBD is actually needed to notice significant improvements.

Can CBD live up to its expectations?

Now comes the big question: Can CBD actually live up to all these expectations and will the trend continue on or soon die out? Naturally, as with all trends, there’s a good chance that it will eventually lose general interest. CBD might end up as yesterday’s news along with the past trends of bloodletting and fur coats.

Unfortunately, our crystal ball is currently occupied so we can only speculate at this point… at least for the most part. Thankfully, there is still more evidence than merely our intuition to predict the future path CBD will take.

By taking a look at other countries and how they’re dealing with cannabis, we can make certain optimistic assumptions. This is then further backed up by a never-ending stream of new and improved studies on CBD from the scientific field. Taking all this into account, is it really that naïve to assume the whole CBD “trend” has yet a long journey ahead?

And last but not least, our optimism is hugely influenced by all the positive feedback we get for our VAAY CBD products. We hear great stories from all kinds of people, ranging from those who decide to partner up with CBD to regain lost joys of life, to those that simply want to expand their experiences in a safe and easy way. They all send us their amazing feedback which is a big part of what drives every one of us here at VAAY to keep working on the right thing- something that touches all of our lives and makes life as a whole a bit better.

So is CBD just a temporary trend?

If you ask us: Not in the least!

The opposite is the case: CBD has only just started on its fruitful journey.

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