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How Valentine’s Day Is Celebrated Around The World + Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

02/02/2021 5 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal
02/02/2021 5 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal

As Valentine’s Day comes closer, we’ll be bombarded with red hearts and signs about love everywhere all month long. If you google “Valentine’s Day gift Ideas” you’ll likely get all of the usual suggestions, so that’s why we wanted to put together a list of unique gift ideas based on how love is celebrated around the world. 

Although in this day and age everyone is connected, some traditions might be partially lost but at the same time a lot is conserved, so why not let yourself be inspired by how other folks around the world celebrate love and Valentine’s Day. Whether it be love for yourself, your significant other, or love for your friends and family, in the end the theme is love and Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate love here. See what resonates and create your very own global Valentine's Day tradition. In the end it doesn’t really matter what exactly you do, what matters is that you enjoy putting some thought and good intentions into it. The cards and candy are not what matters, it is celebrating LOVE itself, and there are lots of fun ways to express that. So go ahead and pick your favorite one and don't forget to tell us how your significant other reacted to it :)


Romanians celebrate love on the 24th of February, this day is known as Dragobete, (The day the birds are betrothed). It’s around this time of year that birds begin to build their nests and mate. This festival is a combination of Spring and Love. Men and women go out and pick flowers, and if there’s snow on the ground, people also wash their face in snow to bring health & happiness. This is also a popular day for young couples to get engaged. 

Gift Idea: As the winter season comes to a close, it can be a good idea to give a bird or feather inspired gift in anticipation of Spring. 

South Africa

Based on the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, young women will pin the name of their crush to their sleeve for all to see. Sometimes the subtle approach of an anonymous card just doesn’t get the job done!

Gift Idea: Get a personalized embroidered towel or blanket. Delight them with initials, names or special words of your choice, it is simply a beautiful gift that you will be happy to give to yourself or your loved ones.



Argentina is very fond of celebrating love. Not only do they celebrate Valentine’s Day, but they also celebrate love for a week in the first week of July which is known as “sweetness week”.  It was established in 1989 in Argentina as a result of the advertising campaign “a candy for a kiss” created by the brand Arcor. It was part of a marketing strategy to increase sales. The slogan of this particular week is a candy for a kiss.

Gift Idea: Don’t just get any Valentine’s chocolate, go for something special like imported Argentinian chocolate, handmade candies, or, keep their wellness in mind with hemp chocolate. 

The Philippines

Valentine’s Day is kind of a big deal here. It is one of the most popular days of the year for weddings. In fact, weddings are often sponsored by the government as a form of public service. In 2012, over 2,000 couples took and renewed their wedding vows during mass weddings held by local governments. It doesn’t matter whether the wedding is elegant or not; what’s important. 

Fun Facts: 

  • If you’re single, there’s no need to feel left out. “Singles Only” parties are held all over.
  • Usually, teachers receive the most Valentine’s cards from their students. 

Gift Idea: There won’t be any “singles only” parties happening this year, but if you’re single, you don’t have to be left out. Maybe its time to try out a new sex-toy ;)

South Korea

Jajangmyeon – black noodles in celebration of "Black Day"

South Koreans love to celebrate love, so much so that there isn't just one day to celebrate but three days of the year! These days include 14th Feb (Valentine’s day) Now the difference between Valentine’s day celebrations in South Korea is that the day is more for men than for women. That’s right, on Valentine’s day usually the girlfriends or wives get gifts for their special someone. One month later on the 14th of March, it’s White day. This is the day that women in South Korea get to receive all sorts of gifts and delicacies from the men in their lives. Finally, one month after white day it’s Black day on April 14th. Black Day is when single friends get together to console themselves over Jajangmyeon – black noodles. It's a celebration of love for friends!

Gift Idea: Ladies, take care of your significant other’s skin. Spoil your man with a facial spa day at home. There are many awesome Korean skin care products also available in the UK


As carnival festivals happen in February there, Brazil celebrates love on the 12th of June which is known as “Dia dos Namorados” (Lover’s Day). Similar to Valentine’s Day, couples also exchange flowers or chocolate, and celebrate together. Homes are decorated, and there are plenty of festivals with music and dancing.

Gift Idea: Try signing up for an online dance course and learn to Tango or Salsa together. 

Estonia & Finland

Estonians would rather celebrate love and friendship between family and friends on the 14th of February. The festival is called Sobrapaev, which translates to ‘Friendship Day’. It’s the same in Finland and the celebration is called: Ystävän Päivä.

Gift Idea: Celebrating your friends is also celebrating loved ones. Give the gift of wellness by gifting your friends a bottle of CBD oil. 


The 14th of February is known as National Chocolate Day here. This was done back in 2005 by the ministry of tourism as an attempt to attract people to one of the world’s largest cocoa producing countries. It aims at creating awareness for Ghanaians to appreciate the health benefits of Chocolate, and to promote Ghana as the preferred chocolate destination.

Gift Idea: Share with your friends this fact about National Chocolate Day in Ghana and support farmers in Ghana by giving fairtrade chocolate from Ghana. 


In France, Valentine’s Day is celebrated between the 12th and 14th of February. The village known as the ‘Village of Love’ transforms into a romantic wonderland. Homes are completely decorated with roses, trees are covered in love notes, and it’s a popular day for marriage proposals.

Gift Idea: Since it’s not possible to visit the village of love, create your own romantic village of love at home, make the moment extra special with a bottle of CBD massage oil

Czech Republic

Petrin Park, Prague

Although in recent years Valentine’s Day has become more popular, it is May 1st when Czech lovers traditionally celebrate. Many couples make a pilgrimage to the statue of poet Karel Hynek Mácha in Petrin Park, whilst a kiss beneath the cherry blossom is meant to bring good luck for the coming year.

Gift Idea: Get a professional photo shoot at your favorite place. Capture those special memories and surprise them with a framed photo. 


The day for celebrating love in China falls on the 7th day of the 7th month in the Chinese calendar. This day is known as Qixi, and it originated from the tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers, who were forced apart due to their social status,and only allowed to reunite once a year. These days single people usually prepare fruit in the hope of future love.

Gift Idea: Going out to dinner won’t be so convenient this year, so why not search for a recipe from another country and give it a try at home? Learn about new cuisines and cook together or surprise them with an exotic meal cooked by you!


Valentine’s Day is relatively new in Denmark, and they also celebrate the day of love in a unique way. In Denmark, gifts for loved ones are only limited to roses and chocolates. Friends and lovers also exchange beautiful handmade cards with pressed white flowers that are known as gækkebreve (snowdrops).

Gift Idea: Create your own snowdrop cards by collecting pressed flowers and writing a heartfelt letter. 

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