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CBD & Sex: What You Should Know

19/01/2021 5 MIN. READ Mirko Berger
19/01/2021 5 MIN. READ Mirko Berger

The cannabinoid cannabidiol (try saying that one three times fast) has burst onto the wellness scene as one of the most important game changers in recent years. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, CBD is just as popular among people in the cosmetics industry as it is among sports enthusiasts and those who seek solid stress relief. 

But many people still don’t know that CBD can do much more than address skin, sports and stress. If you haven’t guessed from the title, we’re talking about sex.

CBD for better sex?

Sure, sex is great and we'd all like more of it. Yet the stress of everyday life, crammed with appointments and responsibilities, deadlines at work and dishes piling up at home, often leave us with little time to enjoy life’s most simple pleasure. Add small children and constant fatigue to the mix and the pleasure can pass us by all too quickly.

Lately, an increasing number of testimonials from couples and singles on CBD use in intimate settings have been surfacing online, giving the cannabinoid new momentum. We'll look together at how CBD might help you in bed too.

Lower levels of stress and performance anxiety

Fear of performance failure can be caused by many factors, and the phenomenon affects all genders. Maybe sex is painful, maybe you’re too stressed to really let yourself go, or maybe you just don't feel confident about yourself. Each of these components can cause sexual desire to diminish, turning an otherwise enjoyable night into total disappointment.

Many who use CBD report that it helps them calm down and feel more relaxed on the inside. For some, this is enough to help them feel more uninhibited and less vulnerable toward their partner. While there are a handful of studies that demonstrate a connection between CBD and reduced anxiety, there aren't enough of these type of studies to prove how the two are related.

However, if CBD helps you find inner peace, perhaps you’ll notice that you perceive time more intensely, both during sex and moments of foreplay. This is especially important for women, as it typically takes women longer to become aroused enough to reach an orgasm. Thus, CBD can lead to an increased perception of intimacy as well as an overall better sexual experience.

Less pain, more love

Unfortunately, pain during sex is a reality for many women (and some men too). The causes are many as well, but what we can probably all agree on is that nothing spoils desire faster than when sex hurts. In the worst cases, even the fear of pain can kill the mood from the get-go. And as mentioned earlier, coupled with an often lack of foreplay, pain typically affects women more than men.

Lubricant gel containing CBD (and even THC) can be found in some parts of the world, where many women report that it helps them rediscover the full pleasure of sex. Sex can also be more pleasant for women who use aphrodisiac body massage and essential oils that use the calming and pain-relieving effects of CBD.

CBD can stimulate blood circulation as well. For example, gently massaging CBD body massage oil onto the shoulders, back, abdomen and legs the can lead to higher sensitivity and produce natural lubrication from the body itself, making sex far more enjoyable and exciting.

What does it feel like?

In lubricants, CBD can induce a feeling of warmth and relaxation. The extra stimulated blood circulation makes sex more intense and can lead to powerful orgasms. However, some women have also said that sex with CBD lubricants can be too intense, emotionally speaking, which is why it’s recommended to start with very small amounts at first. That said, it hasn’t been determined whether or not this emotional effect can be attributed to the actual CBD in the lubricant.

By the way, the skin itself barely absorbs CBD lubricants, which is why their effects in sexual settings largely escapes the gentlemen of our species. Sorry, guys.

What kinds of products are available?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of CBD lubricants in Europe are either not available or very difficult to find. Many of the products that use hemp leaves in their visuals and promote the words "cannabis" or "hemp" are not actually made with real CBD extract, but rather with oil pressed from hemp seeds instead. So don't be fooled. Carefully read through product ingredients to make sure you’re dealing with actual CBD, not “hemp seed oil,” “hemp oil” or so-called “cannabis sativa seed oil.”

As an alternative to CBD lubricants to increase sexual pleasure, CBD extracts and oils can be used on the body at large — not as a lubricant, of course, because extracts and oils are not appropriate for genital area. Even if you think that all oil is just oil, don't use CBD extracts and oils directly on your intimate parts. Not only could the ingredients have an irritating effect on your most delicate zones, but fats and oils can break latex condoms too. So, again, for the adventurous among you: CBD extracts and oils alone are not lubricants!

If you want to incorporate CBD into your love life, a massage oil containing CBD, such as VAAY’s CBD skin & massage oil, could be a good choice. It’s been dermatologically tested and awarded a rating of "Very Good" by the Dermatest® Research Institute (only the best for you), and thanks to its added essence of ginger, you might feel a warm and pleasant sensation. This, obviously, in addition to the CBD in the massage oil for an overall calming of your mind and body.

Furthermore, CBD can be integrated into your sex life in all sorts of other ways too. You can use CBD in liquid form, as a capsule or even as a bath bomb for an intimate bath for two. The important thing is that each person has a way that works best for them.

What does science say about CBD and sex?

In short, not much. As with so many other aspects of CBD, there is simply a lack of specialized research. Therefore, more studies are definitely needed before any scientifically sound conclusions can be made about the effects of CBD, both in sex and beyond.

Despite the lack of clinical studies, it’s easy for one to become curious about CBD and sex just by the sheer mass of personal experience reports on the topic. Many people are open to sharing how CBD lubricants and other CBD products completely changed their sex life and gave them back their mojo. On the blog for Lioness, the U.S.-based female-led sexual health startup and smart vibrator producer, you can find a testimonial from their Co-Founder and Head of Engineering, Anna Lee, who talks precisely about sex and CBD.


The use of CBD massage oil or CBD lubricants can make your sex life more relaxed and fulfilling by helping to alleviate the stress of everyday life, relieve fears about sex and steer the mood towards inhibited togetherness. Our recommendation: it’s worth, at least, to give it a try.

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