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VAAY CBD Diffuser Pen Routine: Breathing Exercises For Anxiety

25/04/2021 2 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal
25/04/2021 2 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal

Take a deep breath in. Hold it. Now let it go. You may notice a difference in how you feel already. Many people underestimate the power of simply paying attention to your breathing. Your breath is a powerful tool that can be used to ease stress naturally, kind of like hemp ;). Some simple breathing exercises can make a huge difference if you make them part of your daily routine. The fact is, anxiety can silently weaken your immune system. If you’re aware of your stress, including simple steps in your daily routine can mitigate the harmful effects of stress.

What is Square breathing?

Square breathing, also known as box breathing, is a powerful, yet simple, relaxation technique that aims to return breathing to its normal rhythm. This breathing exercise may help to clear the mind, relax the body, and improve focus. Famously used by the American Navy SEALs to increase performance and remain calm under pressure, square breathing can be used for anyone looking to clear their mind and feel more focused. Square breathing is best known as a powerful stress reliever. This method of breath-work can calm the nervous system, shift energy, and decrease stress. Anytime you’re feeling like you’re mentally stagnant, anxious, stressed, overthinking or overwhelmed, a quick 5-minute fix of O2 is enough to ground you and improve your mindfulness, productivity and inner peace. 

We’ve included instructions for square breathing to centre yourself before using your VAAY CBD pen. Try this for 5-10 minutes first thing in the morning or before you go to bed with your eyes closed. 

Imagine a square. Start at the bottom of the square and breathe through your nostrils slowly to the count of 4 for each step:

Step 1: Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose while counting to four. ⁣

Step 2: Hold that in for a count of four. ⁣

Step 3: Exhale slowly from your mouth completely to a count of four. ⁣

Step 4: Hold that emptiness for a count of four. ⁣

Step 5: Repeat until you are feeling relaxed.

Step 6: Rest, relax, and inhale CBD from your VAAY CBD Vape pen. They're smooth and they come in several different flavours:

How Square Breathing Works

Square breathing helps to control your breathing & lower your heart rate to help you return to a state of calm. This breathing technique doesn’t take long at all & no one will be able to tell you’re even doing it. It is best used to calm one’s self in stressful situations and to control negative emotions. It can also be used to alleviate anxiety and lower one’s blood pressure in stressful situations. 

Vaping CBD 101: What You Need To Know

Love the relief of CBD but unsure about vaping, but not sure if it’s for you? Check our ultimate guide to vaping CBD. It answers all of the most-asked questions pertaining to CBD vaping, such as ‘what is CBD vape juice’ and ‘how to vape CBD’. It weighs up the pros and cons of vaping CBD. People are attracted to vaping CBD due to its fast-acting nature and the fact that it can be vegan. However, some people prefer to avoid vaping for the health of their lungs. 

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