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CBD and Massage Oil: A Match Made in Heaven

06/01/2021 14 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal
06/01/2021 14 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal

Name a better duo than CBD and massage oil – we'll wait. Nope, you can't, can you? There's nothing better than taking the time out of your hectic schedule to put your physical and psychological health into focus. And, arguably, there's no better manner of relaxation than a massage, and we wouldn't even encourage you to see a professional – learn the skills yourself! This way, you can enjoy a cosy and intimate night in with your partner, or a spa day with your friends, alongside your new self-care companion: CBD. We often overlook our skin's health, and our skin may suffer as a result; a good relaxing routine may just bring it back into balance once more. After all, the skin is our body's largest organ, so taking care of it is vital to our overall wellbeing. So, sit back, relax and keep reading to discover why you should add our CBD Massage Oil to your life.

The ABC's of massage

Let's begin by discussing the benefits that massage can bring to your life, but first let's answer the question: what is massage? Sure, chances are you're already aware of what one is, but humour us for a minute. There are many different kinds of massage, but essentially, it's a skilled manipulation of the body's soft tissue. People will typically make use of their hands, elbows, and fingers to apply learned techniques. Individuals will typically opt for a massage as a form of pain relief for sore, aching muscles and joints, or to bring them some much-needed calm and relaxation. Many people add regular massages to their self-care routines; and what's better than a soothing massage? Well, adding CBD oil into the mix, of course! 

Types of massage

We would be here all day if we were to list all of the different massage styles, so let's cover five of the most popular choices.

Swedish massage:

  The question 'what is a Swedish massage'? is high on the search engine list for curious people seeking this particular style of massage. A Swedish massage is perfect for massage beginners, or for those of you that prefer a gentle touch. It's a type of full-body massage, meaning that you receive the full-relaxation experience. In terms of technique, the massage therapist (or loved one) will utilise a combination of kneading, deep circular motions, flowing strokes in the direction of your heart, and vibration and tapping. If you suffer from muscle knots but are sensitive to other types of massage, this style should be your first port of call.

Sports massage: 

This style of massage is the direct opposite to the light touch of a Swedish massage. Top athletes make use of this massage style, and many keep a regular appointment booked as part of their recovery routine. It's ideal for individuals suffering from a repetitive injury, and it may also help to improve your sporting performance by increasing flexibility and promoting relaxation. Therefore, a sports massage may additionally help to relieve feelings of anxiety and stress linked to pain and tension in the muscles. A blend of techniques are utilised, such as petrissage (kneading) in a more intense form compared to other massages, and effleurage. Effleurage is a technique that involves stroking and touching movements that help to stimulate both circulation and the nerves. Finally, frictions are used, but not for an extended period of time, as they can be painful. This technique is designed to separate the muscle fibres and break down any scar tissue. Don't let this panic you, as the massage will build up to this more intense part!

Trigger point massage: 

If you seek a similar intensity level to a sports massage, but one that focuses on particular trigger points, then this is the one for you. It's ideal for people suffering from chronic pain, injuries, or certain conditions. Trigger points are areas of tightness in your muscle tissues which can be manipulated to help minimise pain. The massage typically begins with gentle, flowing strokes, that get deeper as the massage continues, and eventually, a more substantial pressure will be applied. This can be a full-body massage, or your area of concern can be focused on for the entirety of the massage, so that you get the most out of the experience.

Indian head massage:

 Indian head massage is actually an ancient practice that has taken place in India for over 2,000 years! During this massage, the focus will be put onto your head, shoulders, and neck; and circular motions will be used to activate the acupressure points. This is the ideal massage for those of you that would prefer to remain clothed and in an upright position throughout your experience. This method may improve your mental wellbeing by relieving stress and tension, preventing headaches, and stimulating hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp.

Thai massage: 

This style of massage is exceptionally different to the others on our list, as there's an 'active' element to the practice. You will be guided through a sequence of movement that is not dissimilar to yoga poses, while the massage therapist will put pressure onto your body. They will also assist and move you into different positions, and you will remain fully clothed. It can be an intense massage experience, but it's known for reducing pain and improving circulation and flexibility.

The possible benefits of massage

So, why should you add a massage to your busy life? Generally speaking, there are many different physical and psychological benefits of incorporating massage into your wellness routine. To name a few, massage's potential benefits are thought to include:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Lessening stress/anxiety
  • Improving circulation
  • Increasing flexibility/mobility
  • Improving skin tone
  • Recovering from injuries
  • Helping to promote healthy sleep patterns

What is CBD?

It's the moment you've been waiting for, let us answer the much-searched question: 'what is CBD oil'? You may know it by its full name Cannabidiol, but it's much more likely to be referred to as CBD. It's located in cannabis plants, where CBD makes up one of over 100 cannabinoids found within the plant. It's gaining traction in the health and wellness world thanks to its natural potential properties, and, most importantly, unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) it contains no intoxicating properties. This means you'll still feel like you, however, and whenever you consume CBD! To make CBD oil, it needs to be extracted directly from the plant itself and then diluted with a carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil.

VAAY's Massage Oil

Some people enjoy incorporating standard CBD oil into their massage routines, as it can act as a great lucubration tool to prevent friction. However, here at VAAY, we don't do things by halves, hence our specialised CBD-infused Massage Oil! It's designed with you in mind, as it can provide you with a restorative and relaxing massage experience. It's infused with 200mg of CBD, as well as the natural and soothing oils derived from almond and jojoba. You can be safe in the knowledge that our CBD massage oil is completely organic, vegan, and nourishing for your skin. To apply, simply rub onto clean skin using light, circular motions. It's gentle enough to be used twice per day, however never on broken or sore skin.

CBD and massage: why?

So many people have questioned 'what is CBD oil good for'? There's no one simple answer to this question, as CBD is a multifaceted, and indeed, multitalented cannabinoid, as it has the potential to enhance many areas of your lifestyle and wellness routine. Let's examine the potential benefits of CBD and massage.

The aroma  

Just picture it: lying down after a hard day's work, surrounded by candles, and being massaged by a loved one or trusted friend. It sounds like bliss, right? Adding to this is the divine, natural smells that accompany the release of terpenes, otherwise known as the aromatic compounds that are naturally occurring in hemp (and are found in many other fragrant plants). These are released into the air when the oil is massaged into the skin. There are many different types of terpenes that produce natural scents, for example: pinene terpenes can produce (you guessed it) the smell of pine trees, an extremely natural and organic aroma. At the same time, a terpene like linalool can ignite a delicate, floral scent not too dissimilar to that of fresh lavender. These smells can create a heavenly atmosphere, and may instantly promote an atmosphere of relaxation and calm. In fact, your mind may even begin to associate relaxation with these natural smells, which may help to calm both your body and mind.

It's all-natural

As we already know, our Massage Oil is infused with jojoba oil and almond oil, but why? It's simple – they are natural, and work alongside our organic CBD to possibly improve the health of your skin. Jojoba oil is derived from a perennial plant located in North America. It flourishes in harsh, desert-like climates that would kill most other living entities, however, not this plant! This climate actually enables the plant to thrive and grow a nut. It is then that jojoba oil can be made. Jojoba oil is actually gentle enough to be an oil in its own right; however, sometimes a carrier oil can be used alongside it. Many people like to add the mild oil to their skincare regimen, and there's plenty of research out there to support the reasons why. You see, jojoba is a highly moisturising agent through its ability to form a protective barrier over your skin, which locks in the moisture. This can help to combat skin infections and ease irritation.

What's more, jojoba oil contains both potential antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Research has demonstrated that, while it doesn't kill all fungus and bacteria, it does combat the bacteria that cause candida, salmonella, and E. coli infections. This will give you confidence using our Massage Oil, as you can enjoy the knowledge that what you're massaging into your skin is not only gentle, but also clean and safe. 

So, why have we included almond oil in our CBD massage oil blend? Spoiler alert: for very similar reasons! Almonds are the seeds you find growing on the Prunus dulcis tree, otherwise known as an almond tree. Interestingly, they aren't actually nuts – they are the seeds that sit in the middle of almond fruit. In fact, these fruits kind of look like a peach! You can consume almonds themselves in their raw form, but they are most popularly consumed as an alternative to dairy milk, or in skincare products. They are packed full of nutrients and fat, making them an ideal source of wellbeing. Did you know that Ancient populations have utilised almond oil for centuries in order to supplement wounds, and to soften the skin? 

So, with our massage oil, you will be in good company! Animal studies have also demonstrated almond oil's potential to help reduce UV sun-damaged skin, primarily thanks to the soothing nutrient vitamin E that makes up part of the oil. What's more, almond oil holds the potential to prevent and reduce stretch marks on the body. Stretch marks can be a source of embarrassment for a range of people, and significantly lower their self-esteem. This means that continued use of our relaxing Massage Oil may not only benefit the health of your skin, but also potentially your mind. Finally, almond oil could also possibly help to reduce the appearance of some scars on your skin. Some studies have even raised the possibility of further research into using almond oil postoperatively in order to reduce the appearance of scarring. However, this research is still in its infancy.

Skin health

We will now build upon skin health research by examining how CBD can potentially contribute to enhancing the health of our skin. CBD has the potential to be an anti-acne agent, due to its possible ability to reduce the skin's production of sebum. An excess of sebum is known to worsen acne, as it changes a bacteria in the skin known as P.acnes, and this causes pus and inflammation to appear in the form of spots. 'Back acne' actually affects more than half of people that have the condition. Therefore, a gentle massage using our CBD Massage Oil could potentially help bring your skin's health back into balance once more. Early studies have also examined the effects of CBD on itchy and dry skin. One such study, published in 2006, examined the effects of topical CBD on fourteen patients with either pruritus, lichen simplex, or prurigo. It concluded that 86.4% of patients experienced a reduction in their itching, as topical CBD is especially useful when absorbed through the skin. There's also a growing body of research into the potential antioxidant effects that CBD can have on our skin. A 2011 study found that CBD could possibly help to stimulate skin cell growth through the manipulation of the ECS. This can help lead to a younger-looking complexion, as the production of more skin cells can help to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If a regular CBD-infused massage could help you to maintain youthful-looking skin, what more could you want from your massage?

Furthermore, some reviews have reported that CBD may potentially ease the symptoms connected to skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Treating the symptoms of these conditions can significantly improve some individuals' quality of life and self-esteem. It's important to note that many skin conditions can be exacerbated by stress, particularly psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and acne. This can cause the symptoms of your situation to worsen, by causing more intense itching and more considerable, new areas of acne to appear on your body. Taking care of your mental wellbeing is so important, as it can influence your internal workings and reflect outwardly. The good news? A combination of healthy lifestyle factors, such as sleep, rest, exercise, a balanced diet and CBD massage may help to manage your stress levels and purportedly induce a state of calm. Don’t overlook the health of your skin, as it can help to balance and centre both your inner and outer health.


We're all searching for that perfect night's sleep; a healthy sleep schedule is vital to our overall well being, after all. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people require an average of eight hours of solid sleep per night to be able to function at an optimal level. There are many factors that can negatively impact our sleep health. For example, environmental factors like noise pollution, an uncomfortable mattress, technology, light, and more. Other factors that can disrupt your sleep are feelings of anxiety, worry and stress, and these can contribute to sleep disorders like insomnia. If you suffer from insomnia, you may struggle to go and to stay asleep, leading to you lying awake at night for hours. It can impact you emotionally, as the next day you can wake up feeling irritable, tired, and stressed. You may also find that your concentration levels take a dip, and your performance at work can begin to decline. These symptoms can last for weeks, months, and sometimes even years (in severe cases). This can lead to people seeking an all-natural solution for their sleep wellbeing, as often sleeping tablets are only a short-term solution.

The good news is that massage can enormously help you to relax and wind down, so it's a great idea to incorporate it into your nightly routine. Combining this massage with CBD can potentially help to support your sleep, as some studies suggest. One study, published in 2019, examined if CBD could improve patients' sleep and reduce their anxiety levels. Seventy-two people took part, 25 people were suffering from bad sleep, and 47 had been dealing with anxiety. This study took place over a one-month period, and the participants received 25mg of CBD in a capsule every day. The results were encouraging: 66.7% stated that they began to sleep better and 79.2% experienced a lessening in worry and anxiety, which in turn could lead to better sleep! 

In addition to our two 'super oils' in our Massage Oil, we have included warming ginger essence. This can promote microcirculation (the activation of even the smallest blood vessels), allowing a warming and relaxing feeling to spread over your skin and body, as well as helping to remove dead skin cells. This warmth can also help to contribute to your sleep wellbeing and calm your body, as well as your busy mind. We here at VAAY believe in the value of self-care and putting your needs into the spotlight. Combine your CBD massage with other acts of self-care, such as reading or journaling before bed, as well as healthy habits like drinking eight glasses of water per day, eating a balanced diet, and breathing in the fresh air every day.

Possibly pain-relieving

The phrase 'CBD oil for pain' has increased exponentially in Internet searches during recent years, as interest is rising in natural supplements to pain treatments. Some people like to use CBD oil as part of their healthy lifestyle to help supplement their mainstream pain management. Research has demonstrated that CBD can interact with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system was first discovered in the early 1990s, when researchers were investigating THC. Your ECS is vital to maintaining and regulating the health of a range of functions, such as appetite, memory, mood, and sleep. It's important to note that, even if you don't consume CBD, this system still exists and is active. There are two main endocannabinoid receptors; CB1 receptors are located in your central nervous system, and CB2 receptors are primarily located in your peripheral nervous system. Endocannabinoids (the body's naturally-occurring cannabinoids) can bind to these receptors and potentially help to produce pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. One review published in 2020 examined a number of clinical studies relating to 'CBD for pain'. However, it concluded that further research needs to be undertaken; as well as that there's potential for CBD as a supplement for individuals suffering from chronic pain. 

Combining CBD and massage appears to be a fantastic idea, especially for those of you dealing with pain. Combining the potential effects of CBD with a deep tissue or sports massage can be a great addition to your recovery routine if you suffer from delayed-onset-muscle-soreness (DOMS). According to the NHS, DOMS can occur after intense physical exercise, especially when you begin a new training programme, or increase the intensity or duration of your regular workout. As a result of your muscles needing to work harder, microscopic damage to the fibres is caused, leaving you with sore, stiff, and aching muscles (and no doubt feeling a bit sorry for yourself). This is pretty normal and nothing to be super worried about, in fact, it just shows how hard you've worked out! There's currently no cure for DOMS, but the NHS recommends painkillers, rest, ice packs, and massage. The next time you feel the symptoms of DOMS, why not combine our Massage Oil with the firm pressure of a sports massage to really help iron out those kinks and potentially relieve the pain.  

Fitting a CBD massage into your routine

All of this begs the question: when is the best time to fit CBD massages into your lifestyle? And our answer is: there's no best time, only the best time for you and your individual needs. With this in mind, here are some examples of prime times your body is calling out for some CBD-infused self-care.

  • Regularly: some individuals may benefit from incorporating CBD massage as part of their daily skincare routine. As we have discovered, the super ingredients in our Massage Oil may aid in soothing and moisturising the skin, and potentially help to combat acne. Combine this with the other potential effects of CBD, and your skin will thank you for your daily massage. A CBD-infused massage can really help you to look as good as you feel!
  • As a treat: some people regard massage as a treat and would prefer to use it as part of a special occasion or reward. You could set the whole day aside, maybe turn it into a self-care day with your friends and loved ones. This can contribute to the perfect stress-combating experience! Massage is also a reasonably intimate act, so it could help to solidify your bonds with your friends or partner.
  • After training: using CBD massage as part of your recovery routine may help to enhance your relaxation, promote rest, and a night of healthy sleep. This can potentially contribute to your body’s aches and pains.
  • After yoga: after stretching, you're likely to feel a sense of calm, so what better time to add to this with a relaxing massage? Or, you could do one better, and use our Massage Oil to enhance your Thai (yoga-style) massage with CBD, as this could possibly help to balance and centre your mind, while your body works hard to achieve the stretches and poses.
  • To calm yourself: there's no escaping it – life is stressful. Maybe you would like to reap the potential calming benefits of a CBD massage before you embark on a stressful work presentation to help settle your frazzled nerves.


The power of massages should not be underestimated during these stressful times, as they can have numerous benefits for your combined body and mind. So, what are you waiting for? Incorporating CBD massage into your lifestyle couldn't be more straightforward, and we're sure that you will feel like a new, more relaxed person in no time!

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