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Candles, Massages and Kisses: Romantic Nights In With CBD

06/02/2021 12 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal
06/02/2021 12 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal

Roses are red. Violets are blue. You’ve run out of romantic ideas- what should you do? While a last-minute bunch of flowers or a generic box of chocolates is better than nothing, many of us crave a more personal touch when it comes to gifts. If you want to wow your partner, why not consider upgrading your massage game with the incorporation of CBD - the cannabis-extract with potentially calming and aphrodisiac properties. As we’ll go on to discover, there are plenty of reasons to love it.

Valentine’s: A Quick Couples’ Guide

February the 14th is an internationally-recognised date that most calendar manufacturers feel obligated to remind us of year after year. Sometimes from as early as January, fluffy teddy bears and love hearts of every size and colour begin to populate supermarket shelves. Some of us may be quick to dismiss Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark holiday” that is more concerned with making money than sharing genuine affection. However, let’s take a moment to consider the heart of the matter.

Introducing Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine - the mysterious figure honoured in Catholic relics and recounted in folklore - is something of a mystery. As the rumoured inspiration for Valentine’s Day, one account describes Saint Valentine as a persecuted 15th-century priest who broke the law by allowing forbidden couples to get married. Others suggest that Saint Valentine lived in 3rd-century Rome, and rose to fame long after he died - when society developed a greater interest in romantic culture. Alongside being the patron saint of star-crossed lovers, some religious audiences connect him with less charming themes - such as diseases and seizures.

Unconventional Origins

Some historians question whether modern Valentine’s Day is a re-branded version of a much earlier pagan celebration that is said to have occurred in the year 500 AD. In historic Rome, a unique kind of spring fever may have erupted in the streets with Lupercalia’s provocative festival. Legend has it that during these February rituals, wild pursuits of passion, sexuality, and fertility were at the forefront of Roman life. Since dating apps did not exist, eligible young citizens entered themselves into an annual prize draw for the chance to be matched with a romantic partner. What followed was far more risqué than your average dinner-and-a-movie.

Celebrate Your Relationship

Since it has a vague historical background and a universal emphasis on the value of love, Valentine’s Day is relatively open to interpretation in our modern society. People from all walks of life have enjoyed it for centuries; from friends and flirters, to newly-weds and old couples strolling through the park. While some of us may struggle with the ‘outdated’ clichés of love poems and red roses, we may also find ourselves gravitating towards familiar romantic occasions to help us navigate meaningful interactions (not that you need a special day on the calendar to show your love, but planning in advance certainly helps!) 

As writer Frank Sonnenberg beautifully tells us, tradition and routine serve us an appetising way to create memories that last; as well as offering us a chance to express our gratitude for those we love. Given the seemingly never ending hardships of everyday life, it is more important than ever to cherish our close relationships.

A romantic night in can potentially provide you and your partner with a chance to:

  • Deliberately show your appreciation for each other
  • Enjoy some privacy and mutual affection
  • Indulge in some memorable treats and playfulness
  • Spend quality time together and unwind

  • The Significance of Gifts


    The gift should never be more important than the giver. With that said, there is definitely something thrilling and precious about receiving a gift from someone you love. Often, presents are far more than mere objects; they can sometimes have the power to bridge emotional gaps and evoke profound feelings. Ideally, we exchange them not just on designated days, but also in spontaneous moments- to keep things exciting.

    According to the theory offered by best-selling relationship writer Gary Chapman, the intentional giving and receiving of gifts may be critical in some relationships - especially when one partner is more ‘wired’ to interpret these offerings as essential tokens of affection. However, selecting the best possible present for Mr or Mrs Right can quickly go wrong, and the sheer number of choices may feel overwhelming. Perhaps this is one reason why increasing numbers of people are thinking outside the box, by organising the gift of a shared romantic evening- not just on Valentine’s day, but all year round. 

    romantic night cbd

    Can a Night In Replace a Night Out?

    We’ve all experienced it- spending prolonged periods in domestic spaces can potentially trigger feelings of monotony, stress, and tension within the home. Recent government-backed statistics have revealed that nearly 25% of British adults have experienced severe loneliness at home, while some couples living together have reported a sharp rise in anxiety levels. With so many of us longing to relax in the company of loved ones, it’s worth taking thoughtful measures to make this possible when it is safe to do so.

    The Limitations of a Night Out

    Although we may be itching to get out of the house and venture off into the world, planning a satisfying night out may be more trouble than it’s worth. Not too long ago, public nightlife offered an exciting change of scenery, a vibrant atmosphere, and the chance to sample fine dining and beverages. While it is lovely to gather with friends, order drinks and enjoy table service, a night out often requires some form of compromise. 

    Today, these limitations may possibly include: 

    • Sudden venue closures and booking cancellations
    • Health and safety risks
    • A lack of privacy and intimacy
      • Social expectations
      • Additional expenses

        The Perks of a Night In

        Perhaps there is some truth to the old saying: “home is where the heart is.” Whether you’re hoping to wine-and-dine your partner or adopt a more casual ‘Netflix-and-chill’ approach, there’s no reason why you can’t combine romance with homely comforts for a memorable night. While a night out relies mainly on other people’s venues and services, a night in requires more work and preparation on your part. However, this also gives you more power to shape the evening as you and your partner see fit. 

        A night in may allow you to enjoy:

      • A private and personalised atmosphere
      • Relaxation and relief from social pressures
      • A chance to focus on each other
      • Minimal costs
      • Freedom to express yourself

      • Date Night Ideas

        So far, we’ve appreciated the unusual background of Valentine’s Day (just to set the mood) and explored the merits of celebrating your relationship from the comfort of your own home. Now, let’s take a look at some of the elements which may help to create an evening that you and your partner will remember fondly in the years to come. Do this right, and Valentine’s day won’t happen just once a year- it’ll be every day!

        Gathering Supplies

        Since quality time is the ultimate goal of a romantic night together, you can avoid distractions by thinking ahead and gathering any necessary supplies in advance. While you may wish to take matters into your own hands, and retain the element of surprise, it is also perfectly reasonable to include your partner in decisions such as food choices, movie options, indulgent treats, and more. Rather than gathering supplies on impulse, it may help to write a list of everything you need.

        Setting the Scene

        Few of us feel in-the-mood when we see a sink full of dirty dishes, or a bedroom floor that’s covered with tripping hazards. To enhance the romantic potential of your space, you may want to start by tidying up and temporarily removing any potentially stressful items like bills and general clutter. To truly set the right scene, you could introduce dim lighting, fragrant candles, soft textures, and a chilled-out music playlist to help stimulate the senses and promote relaxation.

        Bringing a Personal Touch

        Understandably, a healthy romantic relationship is often a highly personal and communicative one. You are likely to know your partner’s likes and dislikes better than most other people do, and, as a result, you probably have a unique insight into what they enjoy and why. Your partner may appreciate a personal touch every day, but a particular desire may arise on occasions that call for romance and affection. You can offer a personal touch by expressing your love in strategic ways. For a more literal approach, why not consider sharing a romantic CBD-infused bath, or sensual massage? 

        Is CBD the Missing Ingredient in Your Love-Life? 

        From ancient days to the modern era, the cannabis plant has consistently attracted admirers for its many potential uses. While those reaching for cannabis as an illicit drug pursue a ‘forbidden romance’ with some serious legal consequences, the cannabis-derived compound CBD may hold more promise. Officially classified as a legitimate food supplement in the UK and a growing number of other countries, CBD has been stealing hearts at an alarming rate due to its myriad of anecdotal wellbeing benefits. Studies suggest that it may potentially help to promote relaxation and function as a natural aphrodisiac, making it an excellent supplement to consider in a romantic light. This article will go on to explore what CBD can potentially do for you in more intimate detail. 

        what is cbd

        What is CBD? 

        CBD (cannabidiol) is an active botanical compound sourced from the stems, leaves, and flowers of the cannabis Sativa plant - most commonly the hemp variety. Its sister-chemical, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), has a problematic reputation as a psychotropic substance that may produce a mood-altering and habit-forming effect when consumed. However, CBD is not known to produce a recreational “high”, and is therefore not a controlled substance in the UK, provided that its THC concentration does not exceed 0.2% per product. CBD classifications may vary from country-to-country, so it’s a good idea to investigate its formal status where you live before making any commitments or big purchases. 

        Full-Spectrum CBD

        CBD extract is available in several different ‘spectrums’ (or categories), indicating its chemical character. In Full-Spectrum form, CBD makes a reasonably direct journey from plant to product. On the other hand, Broad-Spectrum and Isolate varieties require extra artificial intervention to strip away the other cannabis-chemicals naturally present.

        Here at VAAY, we believe that Full-Spectrum CBD is superior, because it contains:

      • A THC concentration below the legal limit
      • Terpenes (oily plant compounds known for their potential wellbeing benefits and aromatic traits)
      • Other cannabinoids (which may potentially combine with CBD to produce a performance-enhancing ‘entourage effect’)

      • According to author Martin A. Lee, cannabis-derived oils extracted with minimal disruption may be most likely to carry the plant’s potential ‘goodness’. 

        Choosing the Right CBD Product

        The growing CBD market represents a great deal of variety -  which means there are products to suit every taste and occasion. These include faithful day-to-day basics, such as CBD oil and oral capsules, along with more luxurious pleasures that we’ll be discussing later. 

        Given the trending nature of the cannabis-derived wellness industry, and the scams that can emerge from illegitimate companies, it is wise to exercise caution when assessing CBD products. Wherever possible, look for a brand that has:

          Potential Benefits of CBD

          Due to limited scientific evidence, it is unreasonable for companies to make any claims suggesting that CBD has the power to heal or cure any diseases or ailments. However, public demand has created conditions that have researchers continually exploring the use of cannabis extracts. Emerging evidence suggests that the potential benefits of CBD may include reduced symptoms of anxiety and inflammation. Some research suggests that it may be possible for CBD to impact your sex life positively.

          CBD and Anxiety Symptoms

          Anxiety affects all of us to some extent. You may experience inconvenient feelings of worry and unease in specific situations when you feel under pressure - for example, before a long-awaited romantic union. Or perhaps you are one of the World Health Organisation’s estimated 264 million people suffering from persistent anxiety today. 

          Some studies suggest that CBD may possibly:

        • Support the personal management of symptoms of worry and stress
        • Reduce some anxiety-related habits and symptoms 
        • Alleviate symptoms of insomnia
        • Reduce symptoms of stress associated with performance-based tasks

        • Inflammation and CBD

          As you may already know, inflammation is an immune mechanism that takes place within our bodies, and is orchestrated by white blood cells. It triggers heat and swelling that can often create a painful sensation by compressing our nerves. In the short term, inflammation can be necessary, but when it persists in the long-term, it may cause problems

          Research indicates that CBD might possibly have a positive impact on inflammation by:

            Can CBD Help to Intensify Your Sex Life?

            According to sex therapist Diane Gleim, the daily relaxation levels we experience may directly impact the overall quality of our intimate lives. An easy-going attitude may potentially facilitate positive sexual encounters, whereas chronic anxiety may, at times, have an intrusive and possibly negative impact on how we act and feel. As some of the studies we have explored so far seem to hint at, CBD may have the potential to help you practice relaxation more effectively. Thus, using CBD might offer a fresh opportunity to get into a more comfortable headspace - possibly making our intimate moments more enjoyable. 

            In terms of CBD’s potential aphrodisiac effect, further research suggests that it might possibly;

          • Increase sexual comfort by reducing symptoms of inflammation
          • Enhance perceptions of arousal in the brain
          • Possible Side-Effects of CBD

            On the whole, most researchers regard CBD as a low-risk substance, with an array of potentially beneficial effects. However, there are a few feasible side-effects to keep in mind if you are planning on consuming CBD products

            These may possibly include:

          • Tiredness
          • Dry mouth
          • Digestive discomfort

          • Topical CBD products such as massage oils are designed for external use and are thus unlikely to have an impact on your digestive system. However, if either you or your partner are new to CBD or have sensitive skin, you may wish to perform a simple patch test before applying it to large areas. 

            Enhance Your Romance With CBD Massage Oil 

            As we’ve discovered so far, the scientific evidence supporting CBD’s wellbeing potential is impressive, but somewhat limited. In a way, this is not dissimilar to romance itself; the feeling of falling in love is difficult to define or summarise in objective terms. It is different for everyone. Yet, it can impact us so profoundly that we wouldn’t dare deny it on any level. Love is an experience like no other, and, sometimes, our attempts to analyse it can prevent us from appreciating each special moment as it comes. If you’re looking to unwind with your partner and let the good times roll, CBD massage oil may potentially be an excellent tool.

            Getting In Touch With Your Partner

            While massage is a widespread contemporary practice, people have been using it for thousands of years to promote relaxation and wellbeing by applying touch and pressure to different body parts. Doctors may prescribe therapeutic massage in some cases, too. However, in the context of a romantic relationship, it’s also a great recreational pastime that can be highly pleasurable. 

            Practising massage with your partner may potentially;

          • Increase ‘happy hormones’ like dopamine and serotonin
          • Increase oxytocin - the ‘love hormone’
          • Reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety
          • Help to encourage and maintain intimacy

          • Massage Lotion vs CBD Massage Oil

            Since massage emphasises manual touch and pressure, the products you choose to incorporate may potentially influence the results of your efforts. Generic massage lotions may contain harmful additives, such as overly potent fragrances and preservatives. Furthermore, some formulas may interfere with your skin’s ability to breathe and cause congestion-related blemishes to emerge, such as acne.

            On the other hand, natural massage oils glide over the skin, and typically do not clog pores or contain synthetic ingredients. Some combine fragrant essential oils in-keeping with popular aromatherapy practices. Our signature VAAY CBD massage oil features nourishing jojoba and stimulating ginger for a sensual experience. The presence of CBD extract may offer a host of potential benefits, including those we have already touched upon in this article.

            cbd massage oil

            Romantic Massage Tips

            The saying “different strokes for different folks” certainly applies to massage. With this in mind, here are some useful tips that may help to frame your romantic, CBD-inspired massage session.

            Keep the Temperature Warm

            Heat promotes muscle relaxation and may help relieve tension, which is one of the overall goals of massage. As a result, it’s best to ensure that the room you’re using is comfortably warm. You and your partner may even want to enjoy a soothing soak with a CBD bath in preparation for your relaxation. While our CBD massage oil has potential warming properties, it may be best to rub it in your hands before applying it to other parts of the body.

            Communicate With Your Partner

            As with most shared activities, it is essential to pay attention to the verbal and non-verbal cues your partner may give you in response to specific actions. By observing their body language, you may get a sense of how they are feeling. Better still, consider asking them directly and adjusting your technique to suit their taste.

            Practice Makes Perfect

            Massage is more about the journey than the destination. Rather than striving to offer a professional-grade service, try to approach it as an opportunity to bond with your partner and express physical affection. It may even help to promote heightened intimacy when passion takes over or improved sleep when it’s time to rest. 


            By combining the relaxing ritual of massage with the intriguing potential of cannabis compounds, CBD massage oil may help to bring a sensual twist to a beautiful night of romance. Unlike products that place a sole focus on physical intimacy, CBD may potentially operate in a more holistic way, to influence wellbeing in the soul, mind, and the body. Research indicates that it might help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and inflammation, which may possibly serve to impact our sexual experiences in a positive way. As a trendy and coveted product, CBD massage oil makes for an original and tempting romantic gift. 

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