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What you need to know about bathing with CBD

17/03/2020 9 MIN. READ Katharina Schweigert
17/03/2020 9 MIN. READ Katharina Schweigert

The most relaxing way to add CBD into your self-care routine is in the form of a bath bomb. This little addition can turn your daily soak into a soothing wellness experience. You can find bath bombs in various sizes, colors, and forms, but they all generally have one thing in common: lots of foam, bubbles, and natural ingredients such as lavender, herbs- and CBD.

More than just pretty colors and fragrances

When we think of bath bombs, we usually imagine baskets full of colorful balls with extravagant designs and fragrances. They seduce you with their luxurious aromas ranging from delicate, intensive, sweet, and fruity, to citric and flowery.

Have you ever wondered what it is about bath bombs that make their ingredients so special? Or how to best use them? Or even what other benefits they may have? If so, today is your lucky day! Here are ten useful tips to help you have the best experience with bath bombs.


Content Overview

  1. Choosing the right bath bomb
  2. Good for your skin
  3. CBD for an extra soothing effect
  4. Aromatherapy
  5. Do bath bombs expire?
  6. Put a net over it
  7. What you need to know about using bath bombs
  8. Should you rinse off?
  9. Bath bombs as an interior accessory
  10. Using its fragrance to the fullest
  11. DIY: How to make your own bath bombs


Choosing the right bath bomb: It all depends on the ingredients

Bath bombs are made up of various dried, compressed ingredients. These ingredients generally consist of a weaker acid and a bicarbonate base which while in a dry state remains non-reactive but creates the iconic fizziness of bath bombs when in contact with water. In addition to these core ingredients, bath bombs are also filled with natural aromas, herbs, and dyes. All this is what’s behind the typical foamy, colorful, and pleasantly scented bath bomb experience. To give it all a final touch of pizzazz, you can find bath bombs with dried flowers, herbs, and glitter added into the mix.

High-quality bath bombs, like the VAAY Bath Bombs, contain many different natural ingredients that are perfect for winding down after a rough day or tough workout session. Our bath bombs are made with jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and hemp seed oil for full hydration. As a final touch, our natural essential oils made from lavender leaves and key ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) will help you reach a state of deep relaxation.

After you’ve let the bath bomb dissolve, you’ll see a silky core float to the surface of the water which contains some of the most important ingredients in our bath bomb: natural butter, oils, and 50% of the CBD content. We recommend catching the little guy as soon as it floats to the surface and rubbing it gently directly onto your skin to get the best effect.

Try to let the ingredients soak into your skin for at least another five minutes so the CBD can have an optimal effect before you rinse off.

1. Good for your skin

You should always be aware of what goes into your bath bombs. Synthetic bath bombs may contain many harmful substances, aggressive chemicals, or ingredients that lead to irritation. Natural bath bombs on the other hand are gentle on your skin and are suitable even for people with very sensitive skin types. It’s truly worth investing in higher quality bath bombs to properly nourish your body and bring your wellness experience to the next level.

Not to mention the soothing scent, fizziness, and foamy bubbles of bath bombs. All this is what turns your usual bathing routine into a real wellness experience. It’s said that a bath bomb can compensate for what plain bath water lacks- the tap water we usually use to fill our tubs is hard from its many minerals and can leave your skin feeling brittle. Bath bombs however have an easy fix to this problem. They are filled with natural essential oils, for example from lavender, rose, Camille, tea tree, eucalyptus, almond, and lemon, as well as coconut, shea, and cocoa butter. All these oils and butter are very soothing and offer natural moisture for your skin. Once you dry off, you’ll notice your skin feeling soft, silky, and as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The natural ingredients in bath bombs can also repair damaged skin cells and leave an overall healthier glow. Depending on the ingredients, bath bombs can help you relax both your body and mind.

2. CBD for an extra soothing effect

Luxurious relaxation: Every one of our bath bombs is made with our special high-quality formula- this unique combination will allow you to feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and deeply hydrated. Our CBD Bath Bombs can also have great benefits to ease any tension in your muscles as well as your mind. Take it easy with a nice relaxing bath and put the outside world on hold for a bit.

Bathing with CBD

Studies show that cannabidiol helps relax your muscles and resolve any tensions you might be carrying from the day. Any fears, worries, or doubts you may have can be partially eased with the help of CBD. It’s also said to improve your sleep by soothing your nerves and relieving any stress by calming your mind. If you’re interested, you can read more about the effects of CBD Oil here.

A perfect scent: CBD doesn’t only carry benefits in its physical effects, it also has a soothing scent which can be used for aromatherapy. It helps calm both your body and soul for deep relaxation.

CBD? Will it get me high? Does it have psychoactive effects?

No! It won’t and it doesn’t. Cannabidiol has nothing to do with THC (which is responsible for the typical “high” you can get from cannabis). Both are components of the cannabis plant but CBD won’t get you high or addicted. You can read more about this in our post on the CBD legalization. Cannabidiol solely supports your natural wellbeing. By combining CBD with lavender, like in our VAAY Bath Bombs, it can unravel its magical effects and can turn a regular bathing session into a relaxing experience.

3. Aromatherapy: Your stay-at-home welness experience

One of the biggest reasons why bath bombs are so popular is because of their fascinating scents and delicate aromas. High-quality bath bombs can even have a similar effect to aromatherapy with their soothing essential oils.

Tips for a bath in the mornings and evenings

VAAY product recommendations

The Morning Bath

If you rise out of bed feeling groggy and tired, try taking a citrus-scented bath to start your day. It helps you wake up, feel refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the day.

This citrus scent will stay with you and help you feel balanced when facing any challenges of the day. The extra dose of CBD also helps you focus and stay relaxed all day.

VAAY Bath Bomb Relax Lavender

The Evening Bath

Bath bombs can also have the opposite spectrum of effects as described above. If you get home feeling exhausted and stressed, a soothing lavender bath will do the trick.

It can help you unwind after a rough day and offer a calming retreat from everyday life. Lavender has soothing qualities which can help calm your nerves and improve your sleep.

For an extra dose of relaxation, you can try out our VAAY Night Melatonin Spray. The special combination of CBD, melatonin, and vitamin B6 supports our body’s natural sleep behavior.

Is sleep something you tend to struggle with? You can read how to improve your sleep here: Tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

VAAY Bath Bomb Relax Lavender



Do bath bombs expire?

Many people believe that bath bombs don’t have an expiration date. This is false. Bath bombs do in fact have a limited shelf life and to get the most out of their pleasant bubbles and aroma, we recommend using them in the space of a week after your purchase. If you want to be extra sure, you can also check for an expiration date on the packaging. If it has passed you can still use the bath bomb, it just might not be as breathtaking of an experience as it would have been.

When in doubt, put a net over it

Some bath bombs may contain dried flower petals, herbs, glitter, or any other surprise particles to spice up your bathing experience and clog your drains. If this is a concern of yours, fear not- you can simply put the bath bomb in a tight mesh bag first so that any larger pieces remain inside. The other ingredients that have an actual soothing effect will still dissolve in the water and you won’t have as much of a mess to clean up in the end. Easy peasy.

What you need to know about using bath bombs

Fill your tub with as much water as you like. You can choose to sit in a shallow surface of water or live out your mermaid fantasy by submerging yourself in the tub- our bath bombs have got you covered either way. So when should you ideally add the bath bomb into the water? It’s simple: Any time you’d like once there’s water in the tub. Bath bombs start to dissolve once they come into contact with water. This can take up to a few minutes until it is fully fizzled out. It’s completely up to you if you want to be in the bath during this time or not- it doesn’t make a difference regarding how it unravels its soothing effects.

Do you use the VAAY Bath Bombs with lavender leaves, bath salts, CBD, and shea butter? Then keep your eyes peeled for a small silky core that should float to the surface of the water once fully dissolved. You can grab hold of this bit and gently rub it all over your shoulders, arms, neck, and back. Let it soak into your skin for at least five minutes to get the most benefits out of it. You can use this time to get comfy and just relax, listen to calming music, read a book, or even meditate.

Should you rinse off?

Your spa session has come to an end and you step out of the tub. Now comes the tricky question- should you rinse off or not? This time the answer isn’t that simple: Yes but also no. Have you used a bath bomb filled with glitter or colorful dyes? Then it would be a good idea to rinse all those particles off of your body.

However, if you’re using a high-quality natural bath bomb, it isn’t necessary to rinse off after your soak. In fact, it would be quite a shame to waste any of the valuable and nurturing ingredients by rinsing them off. What you should do though, is to rinse your tub out with some clean water to make sure no residue sticks to the sides. Just grab a wet cloth or sponge and wipe down the sides of your tub. It’s easiest to do so while everything is still wet.

Bath bombs as an interior accessory

This new popular bathtub prop is available in an array of different colors and designs. And best of all, they don’t just smell heavenly, they also pose as a pretty display to have around- as long as they’re dry that is. Why hide away your bath bombs in some cupboard or drawer? It would look great putting a few decorative bath bombs in a nice big glass vase that you can place on a shelf in your bathroom. Your bathroom will have a nice new accessory that also gives off a wonderful fragrance to fill the room.

Using its fragrance to the fullest

Bath bombs smell just as good in their dry state as when dissolved in water. And their fragrance lasts for ages. So why not put it to use? You can use it as a much better alternative to an air freshener or candle- place it in your closets, car, or bathroom to fill the space with a nice scent of your choosing. This DIY fragrance dispenser is great for any space you want to freshen up. Don’t just let it go to waste in the time you’re not using it for your bath yet.

DIY: How to make your own bath bombs

You just can’t get enough of this bubbly bath experience and have decent crafting skills? Then you’re in luck! You can make bath bombs yourself without needing any specialized tools or skills. All you need is some type of mold to shape the bath bomb into whatever form you like. You can find many different recipes for bath bombs online which include ingredients you might already have at home such as lavender, CBD, honey, herbs, etc. Our final tip: A nice bath bomb can make a great present for any occasion!

You don’t really feel like getting your hands dirty with a DIY project but still want to spice up your bathing experience? Then why not give our VAAY BATH BOMB RELAX LAVENDER a try. You can also take a look at our CBD-Shop where you’ll find many more products aside from our cannabidiol bath bombs to help you relax with the help of CBD.

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