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7 Self-Care Tips To Get You Started

28/02/2021 3 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal
28/02/2021 3 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal

There are lots of little things we can do that help us achieve a greater sense of self-love but the most important thing that we all seem to forget is simply just making time for numero uno. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true when they say the most important relationship you have, is the one with yourself. 

It's 100% normal to have ups and downs - especially in tricky times like these.That's why it's SO important to practice self-care, whether it's something small like listening to your favourite song or having a two-hour long pamper evening – it all adds up!

What Self-Care Is - And What It Isn't

Self-care doesn’t mean only doing what you want all the time and ignoring the needs and wants of those around you. It’s all about finding a balance between give and take. Acts of self-love don’t have to cost loads of money or take up too much time. It can literally be something simple like going for a walk, going to the park to feed the ducks, having a bubble bath, or doing light exercise – you decide! We’ve put together a list of self-care tips -  including suggestions to get you started, so what are you waiting for? No… seriously! BREATHE! Take a deep breath and appreciate your life for what it is, rather than admonish yourself (and others) for what it isn’t. Life is a gift. It’s surprising how many live like it’s not. 

One step at a time. That’s how you get to a good place in your life. Conversely, it’s also how you can get to a bad place, so watch your step.


Self-Care Tips To Get You Started

  1. Try something new that you’ve always wanted to try. Whatever it is that you’re avoiding in life is exactly what you need to be trying to master. You don’t want to just be passionate. That’s an incomplete existence. It means you are dedicated to something other than yourself. To truly have a lasting effect on your own life, just have fun doing what you love.
  2. Pump yourself in the morning before work, It’s okay to want to go out and crush it in the world. Nothing wrong with a little motivation. But don’t forget to make your bed first.
  3. No complaining day. Try to make an effort to not complain even if everything is going wrong today. When you make a conscious effort to stop complaining, you realize there’s not much to really complain about. 
  4. Don’t sweat your mistakes today. In life, you’re gonna mess up. That’s life. But one thing to remember is that dwelling on past mistakes rarely fixes anything. It is 100% impossible to change the past without a time machine. Here’s some friendly advice: Stop dwelling and start fixing. Spend your time using what you know to make your future better each day.
  5. Be unapologetically yourself today. Never forget that no one person or group has precedence over you. Be who you are and just let it all play cbd
  6. When it comes to health and fitness, the best decision is literally the decision you make to start consciously making good decisions. Take a walk if you have to, start slow and work your way up.
  7. Call an old friend and reminisce about old times. Memories don’t cost a lot, but they’ll always be the most valuable thing you own.

There are lots of little things we can do to help us achieve a greater sense of self love but the most important thing, that we all seem to forget, is simply just making time for yourself. So stop thinking about your morning Zoom calls or home-schooling. Self-care is your safety net, a blanket on a cold day. It's time to pause and rebalance your mind. Self-care is like writing yourself a love letter. It gives you greater perspective and allows you to appreciate the little things – the good, the badass and the unique.

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