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Open Up: CBD-Infused Mouth Spray

08/01/2021 12 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal
08/01/2021 12 MIN. READ Alyssha Bal

No matter how you choose to relax, whether it be curling up on the sofa, getting your teeth into a good bit of food, or even sweating it out on a jog, there's something that may be able to help you along the way.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past five years, you've probably heard of CBD. With its benefits being touted by everyone from scientific researchers to the queen of pop culture, Kim K, it's fair to say that this herbal compound has exploded in popularity as of late, and for good reason. Far from just being a 'snake oil' wellness ingredient, CBD has been shown to potentially supplement symptoms of a multitude of physical and mental conditions, from pain, over-inflammation, and anxiety - to name a few.

But this cannabinoid is as diverse and multifaceted as its many possible benefits- CBD also comes in a countless amount of different products. From CBD oils, to edibles and ointments, the cannabinoid marketplace can be an overwhelming place to navigate. And with each form of ingestion affecting the way you experience the compound, choosing the right product is extremely important. 

Whether you're freshly embarking on your CBD journey, or you're a seasoned user, we could all do with some pointers now and then. But don't worry, we're here to help. In this article, we'll be exploring the ABC's of CBD-infused mouth sprays- because even though we may be a little biased, we think it's one of the best ways to consume the cannabinoid. So, sit back, and enjoy the ride as we guide you through everything there is to know about CBD-infused mouth spray.

What is CBD?

Otherwise referred to by its scientific name cannabidiol, CBD is one of over a hundred other cannabinoids, which are a classification of naturally-occurring compounds that stand behind cannabis's more unique qualities. They derive from the hemp (cannabis Sativa) plant, and aside from CBD, other notable cannabinoids include CBG, CBC, CBN, and THC, the compound responsible for the plant's infamous 'high'. Unlike THC, however, CBD is entirely non-psychotropic, which means it doesn't have a substantial effect on cognitive brain activity, since it is reported that CBD actually serves to counteract THC's psychotropic effects. It has the potential to help the body to unwind and relax, due to its broad therapeutic properties, and its extracts can be found in a variety of products, from oils and edibles to lotions and potions. 

Different types of CBD 

When you're browsing cannabidiol products, you'll typically find them in either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate varieties. This refers to how the CBD was extracted from the hemp plant, and they all affect the potency and the effectiveness of the ingredient. Full-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds that occur naturally in the hemp plant, such as essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids like THC. While this makes the extract subject to the entourage effect if the THC content is over a certain level, it risks the product's legal status (though many countries have different guidelines regarding this) and it could lead to unwanted psychotropic effects if extreme amounts of it are consumed. On the other hand, broad-spectrum CBD is the same as the full-spectrum variety (minus the THC). CBD isolate contains cannabidiol extract exclusively, naturally coming in the form of a white powder.

How does it interact with our bodies?

CBD is understood to elicit therapeutic effects because of the way it interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS is a complex network of endocannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors, and it's located throughout most of our major organs, as well as our immune system and peripheral nervous system. It helps to control a variety of physical and mental functions such as mood, sleep, pain, appetite, and immune response, and it works hard to restore our bodies' natural state of balance. When CBD is consumed, it improves the function of this vital system by binding to receptors in the same way that endocannabinoids do. In doing so, it helps the ECS to work more efficiently, thus potentially supplementing symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, pain, insomnia, and over-inflammation.

What is CBD spray?

So, now we understand CBD's unique relationship with our mind and bodies, let's take a look at one of the best ways to sample its benefits: oral CBD spray. CBD spray is a product that dispenses cannabidiol extract to be ingested internally into your mouth (though it can also be applied topically, onto your skin). It typically comes in a discreet bottle that's easy to use on the go, and it either comes in the form of a CBD oil or tincture.

CBD oil is probably the most popular form the spray comes in, and it's made up of two primary ingredients which you could probably guess: CBD extract, and a carrier oil (such as MCT or coconut oil). By combining the extract with a carrier oil, it helps the CBD to be more easily absorbed or metabolised by our bodies. Also, using oil is additionally beneficial, because cannabidiol is fat-soluble, rather than water-soluble, so it can dissolve and bind to oil molecules easily. 

When it comes to types of oils, there are a variety of different ones used in CBD products, but the most popular ones are hemp seed oil, olive oil, and MCT oil. MCT oil is a great option because it helps the CBD to be absorbed more efficiently, but hemp seed oil is also hugely potentially beneficial because the linoleic and oleic acids it contains are nutritious and great for the skin.

With an outward appearance almost utterly indistinguishable from CBD oils, instead of featuring carrier oils, CBD tinctures are typically alcohol-based solutions. Tincture-type sprays usually have slightly lower cannabinoid contents than oils; however, they make up for it with higher rates of bioavailability (meaning more CBD takes effect in your system). They're typically made by saturating hemp material into alcohol before heating the mixture slowly for an extended amount of time. This allows the cannabidiol to infuse thoroughly with the alcohol, much of which is burnt off during this process. So don't worry, there's no risk of getting tipsy from a CBD tincture! 

How do I use it?

Whether your CBD spray is in the form of an oil or tincture, both solutions can be used in the same way. CBD spray can be consumed sublingually, or applied topically, depending on the desired strength and reason for using the product. 


If you require faster results from the CBD and want to feel it across your body, it makes much more sense to ingest the product orally. This can be done by spraying the product under your tongue and leaving it there for around 20 seconds (or a minute at the most) without swallowing, so it's able to be effectively absorbed into your system. This is called the sublingual method, because it delivers CBD through the sublingual glands, which are salivary glands that are situated beneath the tongue. The spray is then absorbed quickly through the mouth's mucous membrane, before being sent through our capillaries and directly into our bloodstream. 

This is a much more direct route than other forms of ingestion, and it means the possible effects of CBD can take effect within around 15-30 minutes. This method of ingesting CBD is very effective, because it allows higher levels of the compound to be delivered into your system, meaning less of its potential benefits are lost in the process.


Our skin is our largest organ, our first barrier to the environment - and, importantly, it's also home to a large number of cannabinoid receptors. Therefore, if you are suffering from localised pain or specific skin conditions, applying the product topically may be the way to go. By spraying CBD on our skin and rubbing it in transdermally, it enters the skin through tiny pores on the surface. After it penetrates the surface of the skin, the cannabinoid-infused spray interacts with our endocannabinoid system by binding with the receptors, and this is where it's understood to potentially impart its benefits. So, if you're suffering from over-inflammation, pain or swelling in a particular area of your body, applying CBD directly is the best way to potentially address symptoms of this, because it deals with the area in need rather than targeting other areas of the body, as this 2018 study helps to illustrate. 

In addition to this, if you are using CBD spray for any symptoms on your skin, rubbing the product into the skin (topically) is purportedly the best way to glean the supposed benefits of the compound, as is evidenced in this 2019 study. However, it should be noted that if you choose to administer the product in this way, it will not ever directly reach the bloodstream. This means that if you apply the spray topically, it won't induce as many possible effects as it might have through other methods, and it also won't be felt throughout the whole of your body.

How much CBD spray do I use?

Before you administer your CBD spray, it's wise to try and work out your ideal dose. If you're a seasoned user, you should already be aware of how much you require, but if you're a CBD newbie, it's better to start with a low dose before gradually increasing over a period of time and noting how your body responds. However, for a general rule of thumb, if your CBD spray has a fairly average potency, one or two sprays of the product into the oral cavity should be enough to induce notable possible effects. You can then repeat this later on in the day if you feel you're in need of a top-up. If you choose to use CBD spray topically, however, it's advised to use the product a little more liberally, as this method offers up lower rates of bioavailability.

Potential benefits of CBD spray

No matter how you choose to experience CBD spray, there are a bunch of reasons why it's head and shoulders above other cannabinoid-infused products on the market. So, to bring you up to speed, here are some advantages of CBD spray that explain why it's becoming one of the most popular ways to sample cannabidiol.

It makes it easier to control doses 

Dosing correctly is an essential factor when it comes to taking CBD. By regulating the quantity of CBD you take to help it align perfectly with your body and mind, you're able to achieve the optimal result from the compound. However, some products don't make this easy. Most cannabidiol capsules come in pre-measured doses, and they're hard to break up into smaller pieces if you want to lower your cannabinoid intake. On the other hand, CBD spray allows you to take full control over your dosage - so you're able to feel as little or as much cannabidiol as you so require.

The concept of having complete control over your dose size is also referred to as self-titration, and it's especially useful for people who are using CBD to supplement symptoms of specific conditions such as chronic pain. Since the method of administration allows you to use as much product as you deem necessary, you may use the spray until you potentially feel sufficiently relieved of your discomfort. This is preferable in a lot of cases, because it gives CBD users greater agency over their therapeutic processes.

CBD spray may be useful for those with digestive issues 

A popular way to consume CBD products is orally - either in the form of edibles, drinkables, capsules or pills. However, even though these methods come with their various potential benefits, they're not ideal for those who suffer from digestive disorders, such as Gastroenteritis, Chronic Diarrhea, or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) - or anyone who has been through a metabolic procedure like gastric surgery. The reason why this is, is because, if your digestive function is limited, there's a significant likelihood that your ability to absorb nutrients through the intestines may be compromised. Therefore, due to this malabsorption, if you consume cannabidiol-infused products through typical oral routes, you might risk a lot of its potential benefits being wasted. 

In contrast to this, taking CBD sublingually allows you to completely bypass the intestines and digestive tract by delivering the compound straight into your system via your sublingual gland (under the tongue). This makes CBD spray an excellent option for those who struggle to possibly benefit from cannabidiol through the oral method.

CBD spray can take effect quickly 

Another reason why CBD spray may be considered to be more favourable than oral products like capsules, edibles, and drinkables, is because the compound takes effect in your system much faster when applied sublingually. Due to the convoluted way that oral products are transported through our bodies, it can take up to 1-2 hours before the CBD actually reaches your bloodstream, which can be frustrating if you are desiring immediate effects. When you spray the solution underneath your tongue, however, it's rapidly absorbed through your oral cavity - which leads to much faster results. Aside from just being more convenient, using CBD spray sublingually is much more efficient for those who use the supplement for symptoms of pain, seizures, or muscle spasms. 

Carrier oils can bring their own potential benefits 

As we covered when exploring the composition of the solution used in CBD sprays, in the case of CBD oil, cannabidiol is paired with an oil to improve its rates of absorption. Aside from serving this important function, and helping the CBD to break down more efficiently, carrier oils can also elicit many possible benefits of their own, helping to increase the usefulness of CBD sprays that contain certain types of carrier oils.

For instance, hemp seed oil, a popular component of many CBD oils that is harvested by cold-pressing hemp seeds, has a renowned nutty flavour and it's been shown to elicit many potential benefits to the skin. Since it's bursting with omega-6 fatty acids while being non-comedogenic (it may basically say 'bye' to blackheads), it's a great way to moisturise your skin without leading to an excess build-up of oil. Its purported anti-inflammatory properties have also been suggested to remedy symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, although more research into this relationship needs to be conducted before conclusions can be drawn.

In addition to hemp-seed oil, MCT is also a prevalent carrying oil that contributes a host of its own benefits to CBD spray. With its name standing as an abbreviation for medium-chain triglyceride, this unique oil is commonly extracted from coconut oil. And, aside from being a great energy source, MCT also has been shown to support weight and fat loss for those with metabolic abnormalities, and to help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels. 

It's a discreet way to take CBD 

While the world is definitely starting to wake up to the wonders of CBD, there still remains a large subset of the population who struggle to differentiate it from marijuana and other intoxicating drugs. For this reason, sometimes consuming your product discreetly is easier than blowing what might be thought of as conspicuous vape clouds in public. Also, with CBD spray typically coming in handy transportable containers, it's easy to take it out with you without it attracting too much attention. So, for those of you out there that are searching for a little subtlety with your CBD products, using a CBD spray may be the perfect method for you.

It's easy to apply 

Probably the biggest advantage of CBD spray - it's super easy to consume. Compared to CBD oils and tinctures that feature a dropper or syringe for administration, spray nozzles eliminate all the fuss by allowing you to spray the product directly where you need it in seconds. This is a very simple option for those who want high levels of bioavailability and fast results, but who often find themselves on the go with multiple things to do at once. This also makes CBD spray handy for all the people who aren't fond of tablets, as well as those trying out its potential benefits for the first time, as they don't have to adjust to a new way of administering the product.

CBD mouth spray at VAAY

Our CBD mouth spray is one of the most discreet, simple, and effective ways to reap the potential of the hemp plant. We extract broad-spectrum CBD using a natural, gentle process, and, aside from cannabidiol, our extracts feature natural terpenes, which are the molecules responsible for hemp's distinctive aroma, flavonoids, and other cool cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG AND CBN. All of the CBD we use in our products is also 100% THC-free. This means they're all completely compliant with EU law, and they don't stand a chance of getting you high.

We combine our CBD extract with the carrier oil MCT to improve the possible effectiveness of the product. However, MCT oil also is understood to interact with the body and mind in many ways, so it's an easy way to give yourself an extra dose of wellness. 

Whether you take cannabidiol to relax, rest, or focus - we've got your back. Our standard minty CBD Mouth Spray is a great option if you're just looking to add some chill to whatever you're doing. If you're struggling to get those precious 40 winks, our Hemp Sleep Spray comes with a healthy dose of the vitamin B6 to potentially help you drift off peacefully at night. 

About us

Here at VAAY, we're focused on making the world a little bit easier through the power of high-quality CBD supplements. Our team eats, sleeps, and breathes CBD, and we work tirelessly to think of new formulas, so we're able to provide our customers with the maximum potential benefits possible. So, whether you're cautiously dipping your foot in the cannabinoid pool, or diving in headfirst, we're here to offer you a variety of products that are aimed at helping you find more of a balance. 

Since quality drives everything that we do here at VAAY, all of our products have been analysed and tested in an accredited TÜV laboratory. Also, because we like to keep it local, all of our ingredients are exclusively-produced and extracted in the EU. Sound good to you? To learn more about what we do, or to have a browse of our other products, just visit our site here.  

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