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CBD in drug tests

05/05/2020 3 MIN. READ Katharina Schweigert
05/05/2020 3 MIN. READ Katharina Schweigert

To get straight to the point: You needn’t be worried about taking a drug test after consuming CBD. If your job requires a drug test or you get pulled over on the streets, have no fear, you should come out clean.

Content Overview

  1. You will only find what you’re looking for
  2. CBD is not a narcotic!
  3. Caution is still advised
  4. Buying scam-free CBD

You will only find what you’re looking for

This is partially due to drug tests only spotting specifically what they’re testing for. There is no such thing as a general drug test that shows a red light go off for every individual substance you´ve consumed. However, if there is a suspicion of any specific substance, a second test will usually be in place to check this. Keep in mind, this can only be done with your permission, which, when in doubt, you probably shouldn’t give. In this more precise second blood test, it can easily come to misunderstandings and false accusations which you can avoid by simply refusing any further tests.

CBD is not a narcotic!

In a blood test, it’s quite easy to trace CBD. Still, it can only be found when specifically sought for. In the case that CBD does come up in a drug test, it isn’t a sedative and the consumption of CBD isn’t punishable. Fortunately, this means no one can tell you off from carrying on with your daily life after consuming CBD. Compared to consuming other drugs such as alcohol, CBD won’t negatively impact your awareness and you’re free to do any activity you usually would, such as driving, with CBD in your bloodstream.

Caution is still advised

Nonetheless, you still have to take caution. With such an extensive supply of CBD products you can easily buy either in person or online, there are surprisingly many scams you may fall for.

In the past years, many quality tests have been conducted on various CBD products (e.g. as seen here). You would expect a product to truly contain what it says and in the described quantities, however, customers might still be happily surprised to find that some tests show a higher CBD content than as described in the label. While having more CBD in your product than expected might still seem relatively harmless, there are many cases where not getting what you were promised from a product can do a lot of harm: Some CBD products can even contain THC, an illegal substance, which some might still find amusing, others, not so much. A mix-up like this could in a worst-case scenario lead clueless consumers to lose their jobs due to a surprise drug test.

It isn’t just important for a product to contain what’s described on its label, it’s absolutely necessary. This entails the product only containing what it claims to and nothing more which is crucial when such surprise add-ons may be illegal substances.

Buying scam-free CBD

In conclusion: Stay clear of CBD product scams! Always check if a producer provides a Certificate of Analysis for their products and ask for one if you can’t find it. If they cant provide you with one, it might be better to keep looking.

With our CBD products, you can rest assured that what you see is what you get. Here are the most recent lab results for all of our products for you to check out. It’s incredibly important to always make sure you buy CBD from legitimate sources. With our products, you can rest assured that the CBD you consume is exactly as described and won’t cause you any trouble in a drug test.

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