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    Our best selling CBD products fit perfectly in your everyday life, whether you want to RELAX, RECOVER, or get some well-deserved SLEEP.

    OUR PROMISE for CBD Oils

    All of our CBD Oils and hemp products contain the unique VAAY product formula with the best parts of the cannabis plant. Ideal for any time of the day.

    OUR PROMISE for CBD Oils
    • All our products are regularly tested in certified laboratories. This enables us to guarantee a high quality, which can also be recognized by the certifications.
    • Our products are manufactured in the EU.
    • All VAAY products meet the legal requirements and have a non-detectable THC content.
    • We at VAAY attach great importance to sustainability. Therefore, our products also contain natural ingredients.
    • All our products contain full spectrum hemp extract.
    • VAAY products not only contain natural ingredients, but are also vegan. No matter which product you chew, you don't have to worry about whether they are vegan. All our products are vegan.


    Our CBD and Hemp products have been created so that you can use them at the different moments when you need them.

    • We at VAAY asked ourselves exactly the same question and therefore commissioned a survey. The result was that the majority of German CBD consumers use CBD for the following purposes: Pain relief (47,6%), relaxation (42,1%), general well-being (39,7%), sleep aid (31,1%), against inflammation (22,6%), muscle relaxation after sports (8,5%), promotion of concentration (6,1%) and 14,5% use CBD for other purposes.

    • We at VAAY take product safety very seriously. Therefore, we have our products regularly checked by certified laboratories and also publish the results of these analyses in our quality promise and laboratory results.

    • At VAAY we try to be different. We pay a lot of attention to the needs of our customers and try to develop the right products for them. At the same time, many people work completely transparent and are in constant communication with the authorities to further improve the access to CBD and hemp products.

    • Behind every outstanding product is an extraordinary team. We at VAAY are believers. In the middle of Berlin, we have assembled a team of extraordinary researchers, developers, physicians, entrepreneurs and other employees who work together on new formulations and products.

    • "I sometimes take the drops with hemp extract from VAAY for sleep problems when I am very agitated or stressed."
    • "What I have discovered for myself, besides therapies like acupuncture, meditation and a specific diet, is CBD oil."
    • "Everybody needs a timeout. Especially after a long and exhausting day or workout, I use CDB often to calm down & to relax my body."
    Relax with VAAY Hemp Gummies with Liquorice and hemp extract and the VAAY CBD Skin and Massage Oil with ginger extract and Jojoba Oil Enjoy the VAAY Hemp Gummies with Liquorice Hemp Extract and Vitamine B6 and Vitamine B12